Smart Queue Management Solutions

  • Fully web based solutions
  • Real time online dashboard
  • Interactive reports
  • Unlimited services
  • Alphanumeric ticket number
  • Queue prediction
  • Display content management
  • Comprehensive list of standard reports

Ticket Printers

  • Thermal Printer
  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Customized Color
  • Touch Screen LCD
IQP600-70 10" touch screen
IQP600-40 17" touch screen
IQP600-60 17" wall mounting touch screen

Counter Displays

Counter Displays fixed at the top of Counters, Outside of Rooms & Offices etc...
  • High quality screen image
  •  Display can be customized to use corporate colors
  •  Multilanguage capability
  •  Support alphanumeric display
  •  Integrated speakers
  •  Digital signage capability
  •  Play multimedia content
  •  User programmable contents
  • Available in 10” & 17”

Calling Software

Calling Software Installed in the PC of Counter staff, Office Rooms etc...
  • Standard queue functions: Login, Next, Call, Recall, Store, Done, Transaction, Transfer Service, Transfer Counter, Customer Information and Attention/li>
  •  New customer arrival alert
  •  Display real time service status information such as serving time, queue length, average waiting time
  •  Display customer’s information such as name, photo, past transactions, feedbacks, etc.
  •  Audio & visual alert when preset waiting time limit is exceeded.

Multimedia Display

Multimedia Display at the Waiting area
  • Display queue information
  •  Corporate PowerPoint presentation
  •  Displays live AV stream from VCD/DVD player, TV broadcast, digital satellite receiver, VCR, camera, etc.
  •  Displays media files (AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.)
  •  Marquee for advertising, news and messaging
  •  Dynamic display template
  •  Programmable display schedule
  •  Content upload from multiple user

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