LED Signage Display

LED Display Screens

  • Support up to 4 different HDMI outputs
  • Corporate PowerPoint presentation
  • Displays real-time information, (e.g., forex & interest rates, stock index, Bloomberg data)
  • Automatic capturing of real-time data from the Internet
  • Displays live AV stream from VCD/DVD player, TV broadcast, digital satellite receiver, VCR, camera, etc.
  • Integration with QMS systems to display queue information
  • Picture-in-picture feature supports existing TV/display system
  • Marquee for advertising, news and messaging
  • Supports LCD, PDP, CRT, TV and projector
  • Supports multiple screens and multiple displays
  • Display information can span across multiple monitors
  • Dynamic display template
  • Programmable display schedule
  • Branch updating if authorized
  • Central and automatic updating from HQ
  • Content upload from multiple users
  • User login authentication
  • Built-in OS

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