BigRep ONE 3D Printers

BigRep ONE is the world’s largest FFF 3D printer with 1m3 build volume. It works on FDM technology that can use open source PLA bio degradable plastics. PLA comes in a variety of colors and types. PLA is also the cheapest and most commonly used 3D printing filament

  • The 3rd generation printer comes with a touch screen GUI to control the prints on the machine, the touch screen is integrated on the machine itself
  • It comes with wifi, USB features to make the prints to be monitored remotely
  • Comes built in with industry standard safety features like, pausing of the prints due to interruption, the advanced version also comes with a backup power option to pause the print during the time of immediate power shutdown, a nozzle cleaning station and many more advanced features
  • Has a heated bed system to support and adopt futuristic materials
  • Comes standard with 2 nozzle and self-adjusting single extruder system which can be upgraded to a 4 nozzle system in the future
  • Largest print volume in its range and benefits form the use of cheapest PLA printing filament material

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