MakerBot Startup Lab

MakerBot Startup lab is a futuristic concept to bring in innovative prototyping from focus group and industry specific groups. Startup lab is a combination of MakerBot printers of different sizes and bundle of filaments that can be unitilized by different focus groups for prototyping, 3D printing, 3D learning, projects and many more. MakerBot Startup lab is well suited for research institutions, small manufacturing companies, design companies, prototyping companies

  • MakerBot Startup lab is a concept lab targeted for schools, universities, startup businesses, design hubs, prototyping hubs, workshops and art workshops
  • MakerBot Startup lab is good for schools where lot of students can get access to printers and work on projects and gain experience in 3D printing
  • For an existing service bureau, the startup lab will be a boost for their existing business for cheap prototyping and cheap parts
  • For FabLab’s it is good to have an initiative for fabrication and interactive 3D printing courses and classes

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