MakerBot Innovation Center

MakerBot innovation center is a bigger commercial initiative for service bureau’s, universities, and new business investors. 3D printing is definitely the trend where investors can benefit with new technologies, new industries approaching, better market reach and higher profitability and ROI’s from their business

  • MakerBot Innovation Center is a concept that is customizable of having 20 to unlimited printers depending on the investor, budget and industry
  • MakerBot Innovation Center is a software centric approach for the future of 3D printing. Innovative hardware become very useful when apps centric, software centric focus is been put and integration happens. This will give a boost to existing hardwares to perform better.
  • The innovation center software platform is very maturing faster with lots of integration to make it a better package.
  • The software is a web based interface, can be controlled from anywhere, this brings local manufacturing in the finger tips. There can be as many printers connected to the cloud and communicate with the user through cloud enabled feature and remote monitoring features

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