EV Models
There are about 2 models completely made, re-controlled and re-design, with high performance like speed and high precision.  The EV models have the servo motor with a loop close and the HF spindle. 
RM-EasyStep 3D - Built and designed for more sector 
- Cutting of shape and panels 
- Engraving on glass
- Milling and drilling of circuit boards
- Dispensing of glue
- Milling and engraving of plastics, resins, wood materials, aluminum, brass, stone
- 3D Rapid Prototyping 
- Three Dimensional artistic realizations 
- 3D Objects and shapes 

• Display of machine and workpiece coordinates 
• Jog movements separated for each axes, continuous and step 
• Editor ISO G-Code intuitive and powerful with MDI management 
• 2D and 3D graphic visualization of ISO file and estimation of processing times 
• Load with manual and automatic selection of tools 
• Parkings and multiple origins G5X management 
• Tools leght correctors management 
• Start, stop, pause and restart from a precise block of ISO list
• Full diagnostics with I/O and alarms display 
• Spindle overfeed and tool overfeed with separated management of rapids and processing 
• Tasting managing for origins acquisition G5X 
• Rotating B axis management with continuous and helical interpolation 
• Precision tasting management for 3D probe and points acquisition 
• Keypad management for jog movements (RM-KeypadLC) 
• Electronic handwheel management (RM-KeypadTX) 
• Programmable automatic tool change 
• Management and parametric specifications for engraving, milling, dispensing systems, laser and plasma cutting

The RM-EasyStep3D is a professional pantograph ideal for crafts and production. 
The RM-EasyStep3D is available in two versions: the first with the smaller work area of 400 x 290 mm and stroke Z - 70 mm , and the second with a larger working area of 790 x 470 mm and stroke Z - 130mm 
The quality of MADE IN ITALY, aided by robust steel structure combined with the precise motion on ground guides and the screw ball advances, leading to being the RM-EasyStep3D unique in terms of quality / price and the undisputed leader in the field of pantographs Entry-Level of the Italian construction.

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