SCAN in a BOX is a modular 3D Scanner created and produced in Italy. Easy to assembly and carry, it allows users to choose scan's parameters and create 3D images of objects in a few seconds. It allows colour and texture acuisition and it directly reproduces them on the 3D Model. 

SCAN in a BOX is based on the revolutionary Structured Light technology and, with its top-notch components, gives you a product that combines professional scanner features with a competitive price. SCAN in a BOX bundle comes with IDEA the Software, that allows customers to obtain objects' scans to take advantage of its dedicated hardware.  SCAN in a BOX very own name is one of its strength point. The Box is conceived to be an essential element of the Scanner: it will be delivered in a packaging that, besides the captivating graphic design, it allows users to easily carry the Scanner in case of use outside the working place. The Box can be useful to carry and stock the Scanner once you have finished working with it. Inside the Box, users can find all they need to set up the Scanner and to start scanning immediately. 
IDEA the SOFTWARE is optimized to take advantage of the compatibility between the hardware components and the software itself. Using IDEA interface, users can move the images (point clouds) acquired by the Scanner, align them and create a mesh. Furthermore, there are some easy 3D modeling controls and some advanced functions. After th modeling, users can export the scan in one of the available universal formats (.stl/.obj/.ply/.off). The result is an original project, that can be imported in any graphic or 3D printing program where you can import the most common file formats 

Technical Specifications 
Scanner dimensions: 400x105x92mm 
Box dimensions: 470x440x120mm 
Carton weight: 5.5 Kg 
Scanning technology: Structured Light  
Scanning time: approx. 4 seconds per scanning 
Scanning fields: from 100x80mm to 500x400mm 
Resolution: from 0.078 mm to 0.390 mm 
Precision/Accuracy: until 0.1% compared to scanned object 
Mesh density: until 10 million vertexes per model 
Colour: yes 
Texture: Yes 
Software: the Software IDEA 
Export file formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, OFF  

Technical Requirements 
PC: CPU Quad Core 2 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, VGA (NVIDIA GeForce) 
Operating system: Windows 7 / 8 - 64-bit 
Connections: X 2 USB2 (500mA), x1 HDMI  

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