Interactive Customer Service system is a system that revolutionizes customer experience at service counters with Interactive Customer Terminals (ICT). The innovative ICT510 features advanced TFT LCD multimedia panel with touch screen to inform, advertise, and measure customer satisfaction. In a competitive marketplace, effective advertisement and customer satisfaction measurement are two key elements of business strategy. Now they are combined in a single system with the advantage of

headquarters or central office monitoring and analysis in real-time through the internet/WAN.

•       Direct Advertisement:  Customers waiting at your service points are your captive audience for direct and effective advertisement.

•       Cross-sell Advertisement:  When ICT is used in conjunction with queue management, cross-sell or targeting advertisement is possible because the service type or customer identity is known.

•       Customer Feedback:  (Survey) Effective and adaptive customer satisfaction measurements or surveys are achieved through the interactive terminals. Customer identification through queue management produces relevant and accurate analysis of customer perception.

•       Customer Feedback (QoS): A unique feature of ICT is to poll customers for the Quality of Service provided by tellers or counter officers on each and every visit. This is achievable because of simplicity-customer are asked one simple question: “Are you Happy with My Service?”

•       Polling Accuracy: Barcode reader helps to improve data reliability or trustworthiness by allowing only customer who can identify himself to have access to the screen. The identification is done via a unique barcode ID printed on a queue ticket (if integrated to a queue management system) or customer's document

•       Real-time 24/7 Availability Downloading of advertisements and questions and uploading of customer response through the Internet/WAN make customer satisfaction measurement simple, easy and readily available.

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