XY Automatic Roll to Sheet Trimmer - 2650 mm roll width

Miura II is an automatic cutting machine with rotating blades for X and Y trimming of printed images and other materials and flexible supports, such as paper (also if laminated), photographic paper, Durantrans, PVC coated adhesive films, polyester, polycarbonate, reflective material, magnetic rubber, banner (up to 900 grams), wallpaper (with optional cutting units) and different kinds of fabric.

A flexible and easy-to-use equipment, indispensable within the production chain to improve the cutting stage and to avoid unnecessary slowdowns, to increase productivity and to cut (you can say it) costs. Miura II combines a total safety and excellent performances with low maintenance costs and a long-term reliability.

Miura II can operate in three different modes

Manual mode: all the positioning and cutting operations are manually and easily performed thanks to the graphic visualization on touch-screen display

Automatic mode: you can set the quantity of outputs required and all the separate cutting data to be repeated during operation (scrap mode); once you enter the settings, Miura II operates automatically

Crop mark mode: an optical sensor can detect and memorize the start/finish reference points of a print, and through the touch-screen display you can quickly and simply enter the final positioning for transversal cutting. It is a very useful mode to trim multiple printing sizes from the same roll (keeping the same longitudinal alignment).

Miura II is equipped with a useful accessory to adjust the roll to be cut if improperly winded. Another simple and practical accessory allows the micrometric regulation for the longitudinal blades position. It is a practical, technological, fast and user-friendly equipment to ensure great comfort and flexibility during cutting, while saving time and money.

Dimensions: 3700 x 1300 x 1000 (W x H x D)
Working width: 2650 mm
Transversal trimming with rotating, self-sharpening blade
Automatic locking bar to prevent the material from moving during transversal cutting
3 longitudinal cutting units equipped with working pressure regulator
Front unwinding shaft for prints in roll Ø 250 mm (max. 40 kg.)
LCD touch-screen color display
Combined horizontal and vertical cutting mode (trimming)
Standard supplied with a frame mounted on castors
Alarm diagnostics (emergency stops or maintenance) and troubleshooting messages in order to reduce the non-productive machine stoppages



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