3D Milling machine - multifunction, extremely dynamic. 

Compact, efficient, flexible and innovative, suitable for the 3d prototyping and the series production for small and big format. 

Ideal for: 
- Milling and engraving of plastics, resins and wood material 
- aluminum, brass and stone 
- 3D rapid prototyping
- Cutting panels and shape 
- Engraving on glass 
- 3D Object and shapes 
- Three-Dimensional artistic realizations 
Material Production for the visual communication: marketing, magazine and construction 
- Cutting rubber and similar 
- Cutting cardboard
- Cutting felt 
- Cutting carpets and doormats
- Cutting of plastics
- Cutting of panles
- Cutting of seals
- Cutting composite materials 
- Cutting leather 
- Cutting foams and sponges
- Creasing 

The metal structure has been engineered with cutting-edge design concepts and analyzed, in all parts, with FEM software: this large project work has enabled us to create a revolutionary machine that can match the stiffness of a very heavy drawbridge (600Kg) of record performance, in the order of 60 m / min and maximum acceleration to 4 m / sec2. The combination of these two fundamental characteristics have created a unique  and ideal machine for two completely different contexts.

The high positioning accuracy and repeatability, data from the use of ball screwsand the screw guides preloaded, is another key aspect that makes the RM-SkyMill3D unique, getting a movement components to the maximum level of European production.
The Ronchini Massimo has used only high quality mechanical, electrical and control parts: the RM-SkyMill3D is equipped by a motion control with integrated PLC and HMI, based on a high-performance RISC processor at 264 MHz 32-bit interfaced with 8Mb of RAM high-speed volatile and high parallelism.
The motion control section that manage until 12 interpolated-axes, is potential to do path operated high movement performance, with linear and circle interpolations and management of the spline in modal mode.
Our powerful and exclusive operative system “Real Time Multitasking” with compiler “On Board” is costitued by 3 main “task” that operated about the machine and are: 
– Task PLC: to the management and the real time monitoring of the cyclic events. 
– Task CNC: to the application for the sequential process and the interpoleted movement (ISO-GCode); 
– Task HMI: to the management graphic interface "man/machine" available on the machine by a TouchScreen consolle that in View Remote and also on the PC by the ethernet network.  

High Precision and High speed. 
The RM-SkyMill3D is totally integrated on all the servodrive axis and brushless motor Yskawa SigmaV by an encoder that do 1 milion of impulse/drive: these motorization, with the relative servodrive don't needs about any performance because are the best solution available in the world level and in the market of the motorization for interpolated multi-axis speed. 
The communication between the "motion control" and the "servodrive" happens by a digital communication bus "Mechatrolink" that allows, an extremely speed communication and a radical simplification in the maintenance of electrical parts 
In the design phase, one of the prerogatives about the RM-SkyMill3D system, is for sure put in the first place the man safety. The protection-safety opening and closing often hinder the operating working, limiting the entrance of the raw material to produce that are a big bulky panels. These needs take us to study and realize an innovative safety opening system. 
Over a good aesthetics of this opening that is completely automized through a system of hydraulic actuators, the big advantage that has convinced to use this concept is been have the open repair in the interior of the working area, not constrained. 
On the 3 sides the machine plane is completely free from obstacles and impediments, making it accessible for the raw material load and also for the cleaning and the maintenance.
Another good advantage about this opening system, compared to the previous ones, is that the repair, going up, makes completely free the machinery perimeter for 360° . 
All the RM-SkyMill3D models have a illumination RGB system on the machine graphics, with a sound emitter; the illumination will change in fuction of the machinery phase. This solution is very helpful to see, far away, if the machine is in working or stopping or in an emergency-phase.
High precision working area with a double functionality. 
As we have just said the RM-SkyMill3D born like a unique machine with 2 different technologies. For this reason we needs to design a working area that allow the man-operator to work easily and safety, by a mechanical fixing and by plugs supplied with holes "M" and "Reference pins / centering" also by a vaccum system by an area completely sectionable to the needs of the operator. The working area is in aluminum to garantee the 

Automatic Tool Change – ISO30 foldaway 
The RM-SkyMill3D can be feature with an automatic tool change for cones ISO 30 (Optional).
The main characteristics that make innovative this model comparative the previous is the possiblity to install very long tools foldaway on the plane. All the forks are separated and have a sensor "presence cone". 
The complete ATC section is protected from a closing pneumatic cover that repair the content and inside the ATC box there is also the Presetting for the automatic measurement of the length tool.
Multihead CNC workstation with a maximal of 4 interpolated axes for metal, plastic, wood and rubbers
Working area  XY 1000 x 1000 mm
Maximum Z axis run 190 mm
Structure in tubular structural steel electro-welded, thickness 12 mm
Steel structure furnace treated with double relaxion cycle
XYZ advances with rectified ball screws 0.0018 mm
XYZ slidings on recirculating ball bearing units and rectified guides 35 series
Milled aluminum worktop with suction quarries and steel locking dowels
Cabling with robotic mobile laying cables and cable carries chains  
XY axes maximum speed until 1000 mm/sec [60,0 m/min]
Z axis maximum speed until 500 mm/sec [30,0 m/min]
XMC 2.0 – PowerF numeric control for CNC machine
Touch screen display 10” WSVGA with 56-keys keyboard
Brushless Yaskawa sigma 5 XY axes motors with encoder 1.000.000 pulses
Brushless Yaskawa sigma 5 Z axis motors with encoder 1.000.000 pulses magnetic brake
Yaskawa Sigma 5 power drivers with Mechatrolink driving system
PowerF numeric control with integrated multifunction PLC, able to manage up until 8 interpolated axes thanks to the adoption of a new RISC 32 bit processor with 264 Mhz clock
XMC 2.0 eth RJ45 3D user interface for windows with ISO 274G interpreter
Spindle Overfeed 0-100% on operating panel
Axes Overfeed during machining 0-120% on operating panel
Axes Overfeed during rapid movements 0-120% on operating panel
HF spindle TMPE4 10/2 3,3 KW 24.000 rpm
Cooling nebulizer double nozzle for aluminum machining
Machine status lighting with LED RGB software control
Working area lighting with cold ceiling lights 6400K
Overall dimensions 3.100 x 1.800 x 2000/3000(H) mm
Weight 1.500 Kg
Power supply 400 Vac 32A three phase
Carpentry and lexan integrated safety protections with hydraulic opening and with the supervision of a PLC
Manuals and documentations in Italian language
CE certification in compliance with current regulations
Electronic handwheel with space mouse for axes manual control:
Specific for XMC 2.0 numeric control
Handwheel pursuit axis
Axes selector and speed selector for XYZB axes
4 function Keys
“Deadman” presence operator button
Emergency stop
Connection via DB25 connector
--> Included in the supply:
Post processor for CAM software Artcam/SprutCAM
4th axis arrangement
ER clamp kit for tool fixing (1Pz  6mm/8mm/10mm)
Piece fixing kit with steel dowels and suction stoppers

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