- Automatic sorting of carriers after import  
- Direct import of HPGL and DXF files 
- Integrated CAM with automatic conversion of DXF / HPGL to code ISO machine 
- Automatic insertion of the attachment points and interconnection 

- Macro for the realization of simple shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles 

Cutting Types: 
2d Cutting: The easier and the most used between all the cutting system - 

3d Cutting 
The XMCPoliCut3D software supplied with the machine, starting from a 3D stl format, is able to discretize the solid in a definable number of sections. 
The software automatically dials the processing sections and in conjunction with the rotating plate will create an ISO file processing. Everything in very few and simple steps.
Cutting by the plate and the lathe:
The simplest and also the most used of all the cutting systems. 
You can import into the software the drawing in HPGL or DXF format and in a few seconds the machine will be at work. Junctions, points of interconnection, revenues and expenses will all be determined by the fully automatic software. This cut is used for signs logos, designs, stage sets, displays, panels, moldings and much more. The thickness of the processing will be given by the thickness of the block to be machined or the maximum length of the wire.

Cutting excavator:
By this technique you use a different thread from the one stretched standards between the side uprights. It will be used a wire of larger cross-section housed on a suitable support which will allow, in conjunction with the rotating plate or to the lathe, to create moldings of any type.
Independent axes cutting :
By the independent axes enabled, the XY- XY left side and right side can move completely independently, creating different profiles. Mainly this function will be used to create silhouettes with draft angle or as letters projection. You can make inclined cuts on no-regular geometries.

Professional pantograph for polystyrene cut:
  • X axis horizontal cut length 1300 mm
  • Y axis vertical cut height 1300 mm
  • Cut length (Wire length) 1300 mm
  • Slidings with precision guides
  • Jointed chains for recollection and distribution of cables
  • Support plane in reinforced forex 8mm
  • NiCr alloy wire, diameter 0,25mm
  • Pneumatic brake for the correct maintenance of axes position at stopped machine
  • Movements with servo-motors with encoder to guarantee the maximum positioning precision on every axes. Each motor has a precision planetary gear unit with a conical shrink disc. All this for guarantee the maximum movement quality and fluidity during the interpolations
  • Mechanical resolution 0,05 mm
  • Indicative weight 400 Kg
  • Power supply 230 Vac 50Hz 16A
  • Manuals and documentations supplied
  • Electronic control in a removable box
  • Differential and safety fuses integrated in the control box
  • General working lighting with integrated ceiling lights
  • Software controlled LED lighting for the remote rapid visualization of the machine status: Standby / Working / Emergency / Pause 
Electric and software features:
  • High performance industrial numeric control PowerK series, 7 interpolated axes, with risc processor 32 bit 264Mhz and integrated PLC
  • Complete diagnostics with 100 different messages that identify an error or an emergency situation quickly
  • XY axes maximum speed (Master / Slave) 120 mm/sec (7,2 m/min)
  • Z axis maximum rotation speed (Lathe/Table) 90 deg/sec
  • User interface for MS Windows XP,Vista,7,8 [XMC 2.0 Policut]
  • Direct importation of HPGL / DXF / ISO files with automatic cutting path generation
  • PC communication with RJ45 eth cable
  • Integrated 3D functions with direct importation 3D STL files, 3D model generation withcut into wedges or layers. Compatibility with direct importation from our laser scanners
  • Macro function for geometric shapes rapid generation
  • Cut into wedges function for arc cornices creation
  • Cut into slices function for panel multi-production
  • Multifunction user Keypad for manual driving (optional)
  • [2D] - [2D+plate] - [2D+lathe] - [3D] - [shape wire tool] [independent axes] automatic CAD compilation
  • Possibility of manual cutting directly from RM-KeypadLC (optional)
  • Adjustable wire temperature with external potentiometer
  • Adjustable axes speed with external potentiometer
Optional: Turning table / Lathe / Independent axes / Shape wire tool / 3D Software  / Laser Scanner / RM-KeypadLC
(NOTICE: Blast chiller and fume extraction system excluded )


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