Jacky’s Business Solutions, The 3D Printing Headline Sponsor at Gitex Technology Week

“This is the year of innovation in the UAE and the country is at the forefront of using 3D printing technology across different sectors such as manufacturing, designing and education. We, at Jacky’s Business Solutions, are providing the education sector with the most sophisticated 3D innovations from leading companies allowing students with a competitive advantage by fuelling their creative ideas and bringing various concepts to life,” said Ashish Panjabi, COO of Jacky’s Business Solutions. “We are providing a complete solution for our customers from hardware to specially-designed media contents, aimed at high-end customers who are looking for a turnkey solution. These LED Displays can be used for in place of static advertising displays in a variety of sectors such as hospitality, retail, banking & finance and real estate,” Panjabi explained.

Jacky’s Business Solutions organises a 3D Printing workshop at American University of Emirates

Jacky’s Business Solutions held a 3D Printing workshop at the American University of Emirates. Dr. Jochen Zimmer, Senior Sales Engineer from MakerBot spearheaded the workshop, which was attended by several students and instructors. The workshop focused on the rising importance of 3D printing in different sectors such as architecture, aviation, real estate, manufacturing and education among others.

Jacky’s Business Solutions participates at TEDxDubai Salon

Jacky’s Business Solutions participated at the first outdoor TEDxDubai Salon ever, which took place during the UAE Innovation week. The event showcased speakers and talks aligned with the theme " We the Makers - Tech for Good", and visitors were given a chance to interact, get to know the speakers and learn from the techs on display. Jacky’s displayed a MakerBot printer along with several sample 3D printouts.

Jacky’s Business Solutions attends HP Training

HP organised a training for its L300 series at Jacky’s Business Solutions’ Demo Room. Attended by several engineers from different companies, the technical training was professionally developed and delivered by expert, certified HP instructors with relevant technical expertise on large format printing specifically on HP L300 printer.