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As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to grip the world with infection and an ever-increasing death toll, humanity is struggling to cope with a pandora’s box that is spewing out mutating viruses and clusters of bacteria.  Although the vaccines are being administrated across many countries, this global crisis is far from over.

There has been a lot of awareness in terms of various safety measures to prevent the spread of the disease and it is the responsibility of every citizen to keep the surroundings clean and safe. When it comes to deep cleaning of large public places, it becomes a formidable task for any facilities management team to deploy resources on a large scale and manage the operational expenditure. However, deep cleaning is necessary to ensure the safety of customers and personnel. This is where round the clock automated machines can aid front-line cleaners/ janitors to perform the job more efficiently.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC is a leading Emerging Technology Company with a specialization in Robots for various industries with evidence of used cases. Based in the UAE with the coverage of the Middle East & GCC countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait through the established ecosystem of Solutions partners and re-sellers, Jacky’s has brought “Whiz” the vacuum Robot to autonomously clean the floor and transform the region.

Whiz Robot is manufactured and marketed worldwide through Soft Bank Robotics who are also the market leaders for Humanoid Robots Pepper and Nao.

Whiz is a commercial Vacuum robot which can be used in any indoor environment. It works silently to keep the floor free from any dirt, fine dust, and tiny objects etc., It can clean any surface such as carpets, wooden flooring, Mosaic, vitrified tiles, granites, and marble flooring. Programming these robots is easy and simple. Once the initial setup is done it can be a routine task for your office cleaner to operate the equipment daily while he can be engaged in more meaningful work resulting in quality output.

What is Whiz?

Whiz is a commercial vacuum robot developed by Softbank Robotics which works Autonomously using the Artificial Intelligence platform which delivers ultimate performance in daily cleaning of the floors there by providing you huge cost savings, efficient cleaning, and higher productivity!

How can the Whiz robot be useful in Educational institutions?

The focus on getting kids back in school safely has been paramount during the Covid-19 pandemic world over.  This has meant the focus on cleaning and disinfection have taken on a much greater importance within schools and universities not only in the Middle East, but the world over.

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities usually have large campuses with numerous classrooms, laboratories, Libraries, staff rooms, activity rooms, auditoriums, bookstores etc., It can be a daunting task to deploy an arm of cleaning staff to keep the floors clean on a daily basis and think of the cost, efforts and time involved to carry out these tasks.  Some of the students could be allergic to dust resulting from the air quality resulting in sickness, health issues and absenteeism.

The challenge many schools have faced is that they need to clean or sanitize common facilities throughout the day – especially specialty teaching rooms and this has meant deploying more physical resources onsite for cleaning.  However, with the Whiz, floor cleaning could be automated, thus allocating human resources on more complicated cleaning or disinfection tasks.

The facilities team can have a huge task on hand in daily cleaning from one end to another and doing it almost 24x7x365 days.  Thanks to the SoftBank Robotics team, who invented a commercial robot “Whiz” to clean the floor completely autonomous!

With Whiz the vacuuming robot, you can make the robot work 24x7x365 days. This is possible due to the way it is constructed along with its replaceable lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. As the Robot can independently work autonomously, your manpower can be instructed to work on more sensitive points such as cleaning vertical objects and surfaces which a robot cannot handle. For example, the manual cleaner can be used for spot cleaning and areas such as corners, edges and under the furniture and this would enable every organization to bring in positivity and taking the cleaning to the next level.

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Therefore,the perceived benefits are as follows:

  • Save on manpower costs by having a mix of manpower + the Robots, where they work together as co-workers- we call this as COBOT work culture!
  • Do not worry about staff taking sick leave or any emergency leave! While the Whiz can continue to provide you quality floor cleaning jobs.
  • Improve the air quality level as the robot can perform deep cleaning providing a healthy atmosphere and hygiene environment.
  • Get more output from the robot compared to the manual cleaners.
  • The Whiz robot can work on any types of surfaces such as carpets, tiles, mosaic, and wooden floors too.
  • Get notifications of work status through the pager and mobile phones.
  • With the help of SAAS web application, management team can get all the insights and statistics about the cleaning records performed by the robot.
  • Irrespective of the office time, the robot can be put to use any time when needed.


How does Whiz Work?

  1. Easy Set-up: First time… the robot must manually scan and store the floor map. Once the route map is programmed, the robot remembers the route the next time.
  2. Flexible & Safe Autonomous cleaning: With the built in AI capabilities, Whiz can easily avoid obstacles and avoid moving people and objects.

  3. Key Features

    1-Easy set-up
    2- One-time setup by operator and Whiz remembers the route
    1- Flexible and safe autonomous cleaning
    2- Avoids obstacles
    3- One-time setup by operator and Whiz remembers the route
    1-High cleaning efficiency
    2- Top of class cleaning ability
    3- 1h 500㎡ Equivalent to a full-sized basketball court
        Cleans 1500min 3 hours
    1-Easy Maintenance
    2- Realtime alert about device status analysis reports about
        cleaning status
    3- Whiz Connect - Web.App
    4- Detachable Notification Pager
  4. High Cleaning efficiency: Whiz vacuum sweeper is highly efficient as it can do deep cleaning and cover a carpet area of 500m2 within 1 hour of time. This is equivalent to a full-sized basketball court.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The robot operator can receive real time information from the pager and through the Whiz connect web application, real time alerts, device status and analysis report can be produced.


Why should you consider Whiz?

Smart Cleaning: Daily manual cleaning can be boring or mundane for the janitors and cleaners to accomplish. In the process they could easily compromise on the quality of the work. With the introduction of Whiz Robot, the process can be completely automated.

Performance: Whiz robot can easily outperform the manual cleaners in terms of output productivity. Whiz robot can consistently deliver high quality of cleaning which you can track, verify, and monitor.

Productivity: As the robot can be scheduled and assigned for daily vacuuming, the manual cleaners time can be invested in more value-added work such as cleaning of the doors, handles, under the furniture, corners, edges, windows, and sanitization. Therefore, you can save time and productivity will be increased.

Health & Wellbeing: With the consistent & high-quality cleaning by the whiz, the air quality of the environment can significantly improve especially for the people who are allergic to fine dust particles in the air. This will result in good health of the employees and reduced absenteeism through a hygienic environment.


Whiz Features?

Whiz Vacuum Robot  for Education Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai
1- Award winning BrainOS Navigation Software
2- Built in sensors ensure Whiz automatically avoids people, walls and stairs
3- Easy to change Dustbag with 4.0L capacity
4- Runs up to 3 hours and cleans up to 1500 sqm on a single charge
5- Cliff detectors
6- Hepa filter captures 99.97% of PM2.5 particles including pollen and dust
7- Real time alerts tell your team when Whiz is done or needs a hand
8- Whiz measures 653mm (H) x 455mm (W) x 472mm (D)
9- User friendly. Works out of the box
10- Sweeping brush

What is included in the Box?

Whiz Unit, HEPA filter, Notification pager, Brush, Microfiber cloth, Battery, Dual slot battery charger, Dust Bags x10, Marker codes x 10


 Whiz Technical specification


455mm x 474mm x 653mm


Lithium ion: 25Ah, 25.2V

Run Time

3 hours on a single charge, SWAP battery included

Dust Bag capacity

4.0 L dust bag

HEPA Filtration


Noise Level

Normal mode 62db

Consumable parts

Battery, battery charger, HEPA filters, dust bag, brush, home location code

Weight without battery

30 kg

Weight with battery

35 Kg

Cleaning capacity

500m2- 700m2/Hour

Max speed

1.5 mph


Front and Rear view

Whiz-Front and rear view
Front Back
1- 2D/3D Camera 5- Notification Pager Compartment
2- Handle 6- Main Power Switch
3- Dustbin 7- HEPA Filter Cover
4- LIDAR Sensor 8- Battery Compartment



Consumable Accessories

1- Emergency Stop Button
2- Touch Display
3- Steering Handle
4- Max Power Mode
5- Auto Clean Start/Stop
6- Vacuum Power

Notification Pager Home Location Code

Whiz Brush, Battery, Dust Bag, HEPA Filter
Brush Battery Dust Bag HEPA Filter
Removable rotating brush, auto height adjusting Replaceable lithium ion battery Easy disposal, 4L max capacity Captures 99.97% of PM2.5 particles, including pollen and dust

If you require further information or wanting to have a demo or quote, please get in touch with our sales team or call us on +97143388900




  • what is whiz vacuum

Whiz is AI powered, Autonomous vacuuming robot developed by SoftBank Robotics for improving the cleaning standards of large indoor spaces with high quality, more energy efficient and saving the running costs.


  • What is the use of a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners are mainly used to clean the flooring which could be carpets, tiles, marbles, or wood. The robot can free up the time of the manual cleaner so that the time could be reinvested in producing more quality work.

As a result of the automation, the fine dust and harmful substances can be fully removed as whiz is equipped with 2 high quality HEPA filers thereby improving the indoor air quality and reducing the energy bills. Robot vacuum cleaners are must for Hotels, Mosques, large Retail outlets and Facilities management companies for their daily cleaning needs.

  • Do you need WiFi for robot vacuums?

Most of the robots requires Wi-Fi for its operation. However, it will be great challenge to expect the full Wi-Fi coverage at different sites. In the case of Whiz vacuum robot, it does not require any Wi-Fi as the robot comes with built in mobile SIM data for mapping, storing, and communicating the information to a dedicated cloud platform called whiz connect.


  • Which is better: robot vacuum or regular vacuum?

As there are multiple benefits of using robot vacuum cleaner such as saving time, saving energy, improving air quality, improving cleaning standards it will be highly beneficial to use the technology at home or any large commercial spaces.


  • Do robot vacuums use a lot of electricity?

Vacuum robot whiz uses lithium-ion battery. With a single charge of the battery the robot can autonomously work for 3 hours nonstop covering an area of 1500mt square. (Roughly the size of 3 basketball court). This saves a lot of energy as compared to a manual vacuum cleaner with high suction power which uses electricity. The user can save a lot of units daily resulting in huge cost savings in the long run.


  • How often should you empty a robot vacuum?

The frequency of emptying the dust bag depends on the environment. Whiz vacuum robot comes with a dust bag which has a maximum capacity of 4L. The disposal paper bags can be replaced as soon as a notification is received through the pager or alerts comes on the whiz connect platform.


  • How much does a whiz robot cost?

Whiz industrial vacuum cleaner is available on capex, opex or monthly rental business models. For a detailed costing based on your requirements, reach out to our sales team







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