Queuing systems   for Financial Organisations  By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Queue Management System for Banking and Finance

The importance of a strong relationship between banking and customers in a financial business cannot be ignored. Delivering greater comfort and convenience for the customer is the key to success in this relationship. Our queue management system delivers quality of service with great focus on enhancing the customer’s overall experience with the banking sector. In addition, it provides an effective and efficient way of managing customer traffic based on smart and intelligent indicators and parameters.
From the moment the customer steps inside the branches, queue management system establishes a powerful connection with the customer to seamlessly deliver an immersive customer experience, the process of strategically managing a customer’s entire experience within the branches.
Our queue management system can be integrated with core banking and banking CRM personalizing the customer’s journey from pre-arrival to post services. The system with enhanced workflow optimization provides customers a pleasant waiting experience through segregated queues based on their segmentation.

On inserting a valid Debit/Credit card, Emirates ID or mobile number into the touch screen kiosk/ticket printer, the queue management system retrieves the customer’s segment and other details from the bank’s core banking system and uses it to determine Priority and populate the Teller/CSR screen with customer details.
The customer also has the option of requesting a token number by SMS which will be sent to his/her mobile number, allowing a reminder SMS to be sent to him/her when his/her turn is coming up soon.
The customer feedback system built-in with our queue management system helps in lead generation.
The system has an instant alert feature on negative feedbacks and the ratings are tied to the actual customers. The devices are easy to use touch screen terminals and are more than just a customer survey directing customer to a free counter. They also display targeted promotional materials such as credit card offer, home loan, mortgages with cross-selling features.
VIP Queuing Solution is a hospitality feature for VIPs to be greeted and treated with a warm welcome at the VIP branches.

The queue management solutions from Jacky’s allow the managers at HO and branches to easily collate and view information such as customer arrival patterns and real-time queue status for the various different banking services helps to improve teller productivity and allows for future planning based on statistical and management reports.
Are you looking for Queue Management System for education sector in UAE, Oman or Pakistan? Please inquire for POC and case studies of our widespread implementation of Queue Management Systems in educational sectors in UAE, ME and Pakistan.

Reduce waiting time

Integration with student management system

Emirates ID enabled

E-ticket and appointments

Useful statistical and forecast reporting

Jacky’s Business Solutions is one of the biggest suppliers of queue management systems in UAE providing advanced queueing solution from more than past two decades, assisting organizations of any size improve their customer flow by managing queues for basic as well as complex needs. Our commitment is to ensure the implementation of tailored and best fit advanced queue solutions according to the organization’s needs. This is possible by managing the customer flow from pre-arrival to post-services using intelligent queue system mannerism techniques.

Jacky's Business Solutions LLC is the authorized representative and supplier of the QMS brand by GMS (General Microsystems) - Malaysia.

User friendly for staff and visitors::
The queue system is simple and easy to control the visitor’s management in any public dealing office; it is a user friendly system, which is easy to understand for people visiting the office, as well as for staff who wish to serve the visitors efficiently, to derive total satisfaction.
The intelligent queue system provides different types of dashboards and reports on a daily, monthly, and periodical basis allowing the management to analyze the performance of their counter staff and the overall customer journey. In addition, it helps the management to analyze and increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of the services ensuring the satisfaction of customers. Moreover, it can improve customer services by minimizing the serving time.

We work closely with our customers in gathering the requirements, the analysis phase up to the project implementation phase and post project delivery services offering our expert consultation and excellent services with an aim “To work with our clients as a team, and provide excellent services for their business customers” . We actually make it possible to control customer traffic, in a smooth and easy way, with a user friendly, easy to operate Queue Management System. This is available according to the organization’s need as both Centralized / Enterprise Queue Management and Branch Queue Management System such as:

On premises Queue Management System :
Cloud based Queue Management system:

Queue Management System Highlighted Features:

Centralized control, monitoring and reporting:
The branches are controlled and maintained by Corporate QMS. It consolidates the status and data of the branch systems into a centralized location. The web-based interface modules provide HQ users to monitor the queue status and produce queue reports. The modules are listed as follow. • Live Status Monitor and dashboards • Report • Maintenance • Content Management • And many other centralized integrations with multi-channel applications such as Mobile App, Web and any 3rd party apps
Web based solution:
The QMS is a total web-based solution. System monitoring, reporting, maintenance, and control can be performed remotely via standard web browser. No software installation is needed. Future software upgrade is easier as it only involves the main system controller. Web interface also offers ease of use and shorter learning time.
Real time Queue Status:
Real time queue status of the branches i.e. number of counters opened, number of tickets issued, number of tickets waiting, waiting time information, serving time information, average waiting time, average serving time, number of counters opened, longest waiting time, estimated waiting time, etc.. Furthermore, the branches can be filtered by branch group (Zones, regions, types and etc.) In Corporate QMS the branches’ status is shown on the map.
Online dashboard
Live dashboards are personalized to the user’s own required selection as centralized, zones or branch level. Few of the powerful Q-Widgets are Average Waiting Time Gauge, Average Serving Time Gauge, Target Waiting Time Monitor Gauge, Target Serving Time Monitor Gauge, Queue Information, etc. And each widget can be configured according to the criteria of selected branches, services and etc.
Self Service Kiosk and Touch screen ticket printer:
The touch screen ticket machine besides allowing a customer to obtain a queueing ticket of selected service by touching the screen selection, also has other useful functions such as form filling, identifying customer priority level, advertising contents and displaying waiting length etc. It incorporates several advanced features like barcode and QR code reading and identifying customer priority multi card reader such as smart cards, bank cards and Emirates ID etc. Different sizes and models are available suitable to the available locations at the branch. • The desktop model is for reception desk and window location at the entrance. • The wall mounting ticket printer is the best choice for space saving. Few of the examples are emergency section in the hospital, corridors, small money exchange centers and typing centers etc. • The free-standing models are available in different screen sizes and features.
Special appointment booking:
Special appointment system allows the customers to book an appointment for any convenient available day and time slot so that customer will visit the branch on his/her appointment time and will be served as per the booking schedule. The queue appointment system is available with API to be integrated with multichannel applications such as mobile app and web portal and online appointment can also be integrated with any third-party appointment booking system.
Integration and Customization :
The queue system is much more flexible in terms of customization and integration. It is very much possible to be customized any time and at every stage as per the organization’s business requirements and for any future enhancements. Our queue system is equipped with many built-in web APIs for different modules of the queueing such as issuing electronic coupon/ticket, customer calling, live and statistical data for BI (Business Intelligent) etc, so that it can be integrated with any third party applications. Some of the examples are integration with POS, HIS, HIMS, UAE PMO (Prime Minister Office) happiness meter, third party digital signage and many others.
Green Ticket (paperless queue ticket):
Green ticket is a paperless queue ticket obtained digitally as an electronic ticket or virtual ticket via multichannel platforms. Our queue management system provides web API to be integrated with multichannel platforms such as mobile app, web portal etc. for electronic queue ticket, online appointment booking and customer survey. The QMS has a SMS ticket module that has the capability to be integrated with any third-party SMS gateway. This facilitates the customer to obtain queue ticket via SMS (SMS ticket). Apart from issuing green ticket it provides a digital customer experience, streamlines customer journey from pre-arrival to post service customer feedback, notifying the customer regarding approximate wait time, his/her ticket status and current serving ticket number.
Integrated Customer Feedback Solution :
The centralized customer feedback system is built-in with our queue management system. The system has instant alerts feature on negative feedbacks and the ratings are tied to the actual customers. The devices are easy to use touch screen terminals and are more than just a customer survey directing customer to a free counter. They also display targeted promotional materials with cross-selling features.
Equipped with special features for people of determination:
The queue management system has special features and setup for people of determination. The solution is equipped both in hardware and software modules facilitating queues for people of determination.
Customer identification:
Handling different types of customers with various priorities is professionally managed through our intelligent queue management system. The QMS identifies customers in many ways through smart cards, employee cards, bank cards, employee id, phone numbers and registration number. Few of the examples are: The queue management system in UAE is identifying customers by their Emirates ID and handling different priorities for senior citizens, people of determination and ladies. Similarly customers in banks are served through identification of their bank debit/credit cards, employee cards in HR sections and patient registration numbers in hospitals and clinics.
Interactive reports:
Interactive reports is the advanced analysis tool allowing the user to view branch queue performance, drill down the information and sort data based on different KPIs.
Report designer:
The queue system has more than 52 types of standard reports on daily, monthly, periodical and yearly basis. Apart from standard reports, it empowers the user to design their own report by selecting the desired QMS metrics and groupings. The user is allowed to arrange the sequence of the fields in the report.
Wireless (Wi fi) support:
All the hardware equipment such as ticket printer, touch screen ticket machine, kiosks, counter display, calling terminals, customer feedback devices etc. have dual connectivity capability i.e. Ethernet/Wi fi.
Multilanguage support:
The QMS has multi-language support for all its modules.
Automatic service optimization:
The QMS has automatic service optimization feature that can be enabled during the day queue operation at the branch. This feature is based on the AI in queue management system.
Queue prediction:
This is the forecast reporting ; historical queue data collected over a period of time can be used to perform data simulation predicting the performance of the queue at the branch during different timings or festive periods based on some input parameters. This is useful to predict the outcome if the number of counter staff has increased or decreased during specific periods for different services.
Content management with Centralized Digital Signage Solution:
The centralized content management is built-in into our queue management system allowing the user to manage screens and GUI of ticket printer/kiosk, customer feedback devices, LCD counter display and digital signage players (controlling the TV screens in the waiting areas). The module is designer friendly having a scheduler, track and alert tool managing different type of media contents such as videos, images, HTML and ticker messages.



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