In 1984, Mikael Karlsson, Martin Gren and Keith Bloodworth founded Axis aiming at changing the way people use and think about digital devices. That marked the beginning of our commitment to create a smarter, safer world. At the time, the idea of using network technology to connect devices (originally network print, storage and scanner servers) and turn them intelligent was new.

Using our skills in networking and our imagination, we came up with the idea of connecting a camera onto the network. In 1996, we launched the world’s first network camera. From that moment on, people with an internet connection could watch what was going on from anywhere in the world. And for those who already had a large installation of CCTV systems, we created network encoders so they could gain access to the latest IP technology as well. We improve and develop advance new products.

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Fever Detection Solution

Axis Q2901-E is suitable for both indoor and outdoor which delivers thermal imaging in 336x256 resolution. It supports u...

Fever Detection Solution
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