Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

Different Roles of these robots  in an Institution or University

  • These robots can be excellent institutional ambassadors.
  • They can work as flexible teaching assistants.
  • They are multifunctional and can run programmable devices.
  • These robots can be a great contributor on a research platform.
  • Nao can be a very patient special needs educator.
  • Pepper and Nao can be flexible in terms of providing edutainment when it is required.
  • These robots can be excellent insight generators.

Pepper and Nao as  leaders in terms of value added  proposition

Teaching Aid:

  • As a teaching aid, these robots can be indispensable while focusing on pedagogical topics as they can improve concentration through their novelty. The sensitivity of the robots can be optimized to use them in various ways.

Advanced Development Platform:

  • Pepper and Nao can permit the latest applications to take a student from a simple concept to more complex algorithms.  In addition, they can provide a visual programming interface that would ease the learning process through assistance in problem solving. Furthermore, they can develop the analytical skills of the learner.

Inclusive Education :

  • As a perfect solution for inclusive education, these robots can be customized to provide an individualized education program for students with learning disabilities, autism, emotional and behavioural disorders. Pepper and Nao can remove barriers and allow the fluidity of communication to assist students who suffer due to excessive shyness, reluctance or frustration. This is possible as ready to use applications are available through our partners. These can be upgraded based on institutional needs.

Academic Booster:

  • Pepper and Nao the educational robots can enhance dissemination of academic information and improve student engagement. This robot can broaden the scope of student knowledge and augment futuristic educational strategies.

How can Pepper and Nao the robots benefit the educational community?

  • Pepper and Nao can magnify the teacher’s expertise and improve the quality of educational programs.
  • These robots can help the proficiency level of the programs to rise dynamically.
  • Pepper and Nao can transform a student’s experience and achieve cross functional needs in research.
  • These adorable robots can reinforce and deepen academic possibilities in the field of robotics and data science through their capabilities.
  • Pepper and Nao can motivate students to explore and experiment with future capabilities.
  • These robots can use innovative tools to improve educational outcomes and facilitate special education needs.
  • As highly versatile robots, Pepper and Nao can reach up to the expectations of researchers and provide informative advice.
  • Pepper and Nao can empower students as well as faculty while making   pedagogy within classrooms more interesting.
  • These robots can assist in meeting instructional goals within the classroom.

 Capabilities and Competencies of Pepper and Nao  the robots.

features-ROBOT PEPPER AND NAO  Pepper Robot for Interior Decor Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Features of Pepper & NAO Robots - Humanoid Robots for Interior Decorators

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