Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

Task Completion – Roles of Pepper, the Robot

  • Pepper can work as a cheerful and happy receptionist as it is multifunctional.
  • Pepper can be a very good communicator and keep angry customers calm and engaged.
  • Pepper can be an efficient service provider for impatient clients.
  • Pepper can work as a flexible survey conductor and collect data.
  • Pepper can provide edutainment and keep customers engaged for long periods of time. 

Value Proposition for Public Services

Friendly Ambassador:  Pepper, the robot can communicate information regarding public services and policies and build some awareness on relevant issues. In addition, it can provide a great view of projects while enhancing user experience and public relations through an interactive interface.

Individual view of each visitor:  Pepper , the robot can provide a comprehensive view of each visitor while treating them in a personalised way. This would make every individual feel special . The robot can be a touch point to omnichannel in a very powerful way.

Visitor Engagement and Services : Pepper can assist visitors by guiding them in the right direction to complete the processes effectively based on their needs . In addition,it can help visitors to search for information and find out their requirements. Also, Pepper offers integrated solutions which are well connected to various value based services.

Can Pepper provide a unique, smooth experience?

Pepper, the robot is proactive, expressive, attractive, mobile, effective , multifunctional , accurate and connects with customers easily. It can reduce unnecessary costs and improve interactions online to offline and offline to online. It can contribute to proper utilizations and collect complete data. Pepper never gets tired of doing repetitive tasks and enables staff to focus on more qualitative and productive work. Pepper can also be used effectively in kiosks, product catalogs, digital signages and terminals to create a lot of enthusiasm for a product.

Benefits of Pepper the Robot

  • This robot can transform visitor experience and achieve cross functional needs.
  • It can deploy interactive queue management to reduce visitor congestion times and share critical messages which are relevant to improving reception services.
  • This humanoid robot can increase the efficiency of administrative procedures.
  • The robot can assist in using public resources to its fullest potential and strengthen relationships with stakeholders.
  • Pepper the robot can gather feedback from expatriates as well as local residents in order to improve service effectiveness.

Contributions to Government Sectors  

  • It can accurately deliver brands, products and service information.
  • It can achieve real time communication as it updates speech and deliver messages with real time data.
  • Pepper the humanoid robot can detect and attract people with an animated expression.
  • It is multilingual and can easily speak and switch languages while having the capability to use different languages.
  • It is capable of cognitive computing as it captures demographic data and emotions of the user.
  • It provides “worth to repeat Pepper experiences.”
  • It adapts the interaction content based on user profile.
  • It can provide product recommendation as it introduces relevant products and services based on preferences.
  • Identity recognition is another feature as it identifies people via code scanning, booking and through facial expressions.
  • It provides value added service as it assists with upselling and cross-selling.
  • It can be used for In game advertising as it advertises brands and services via interactive robot games 
  • Entertains people with “worth to share Pepper experiences”

Visual Graphic of a Public Service Process: Pepper for Guests and Visitors

features-ROBOT PEPPER  Pepper Robot for Interior Decor Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

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