Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

Various roles of Pepper, the robot:

  • Pepper can work as a receptionist greeting people.
  • Pepper can be a service provider as it is multifunctional.
  • Pepper can be a sales associate as it is flexible.
  • Pepper can handle loyalty management.
  • Pepper can be a brand ambassador.
  • Pepper can be a survey conductor.
  • Pepper can be a data generator.
  • Pepper can be a loyal assistant.
  • Pepper can be a retail entertainer.

Added benefits for retail:

  • In a retail set up, Pepper can enhance product visibility and stimulate customers to make purchases.
  • It can trigger curiosity and increase store traffic in a big way.
  • Pepper can use perfect ice breaker strategies while building customer relationships.
  • It can hold the undivided attention of shoppers and encourage them indirectly to buy a product.
  • It can retail loyal customers due to the fine rapport that it builds.
  • Pepper can also be very useful as it gathers comprehensive data to enrich customer base and get an insight into the shoppers thought process.
  • Pepper can transform shopper experience and achieve cross functional needs.
  • Proactive engagement is the hallmark of Pepper as it can keep the customers entertained when a long wait is anticipated.

How can Pepper transform customer experience and be a brand differentiator?

Pepper is highly efficient robot which can revamp reception service and promote targeted offers while generating new sales opportunities. It can optimize administrative processes, resource allocation as well as stakeholder relationship management. Apart from gathering comprehensive data and generating client insight, it can adjust product positioning and improve service effectiveness. If you wish to retain customer loyalty, it is possible with Pepper as it provides a memorable , personalized and continuously improved experience.

What about value proposition for retail?

When it comes to marketing and engagement, Pepper can interact with customers using relevant messages and offers. It can treat them personally and make them feel special on an individual basis. In addition, Pepper can guide and assist the customers in purchasing a produce and reinforce engagement by providing services based on customer needs and requirements. Pepper offers a single view of the customer through its powerful touch point to omni channel. It offers a comprehensive view of each individual customer.

Can Pepper provide a seamless experience?

Pepper the robot is proactive, expressive, attractive, mobile, effective, multifunctional, accurate and connects with customers easily. It can reduce unnecessary costs and improve interactions online to offline and offline to online. It can contribute to proper utilizations and collect complete data. Pepper never gets tired of doing repetitive tasks and enables staff to focus on more qualitative and productive work. Pepper can be used effectively in kiosks, product catalogs, digital signages and terminals to create a lot of enthusiasm for a product.


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