DIBOND® combines 0.3 mm Aluminium layers on both sides with a Polyethylene core. The light weight sheet material can be transformed three dimensionally by using the routing and folding technique but it is stiff and stable at the same time - ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications. The original was developed by the market leader 3A COMPOSITES.

We count on integrated production processes and innovative products “Made in Germany”. All production steps – fabrication of the cover layers, coating, laminating, quality control - are bundled at our production site in Singen. This is how we can guarantee first class raw materials and high quality products – which is crucial for the later processing, application and usability of the product.

Moreover we aim at offering the maximum possibilities regarding combination and creativity with our material towards our customers. Therefore we offer DIBOND® in an extraordinary range of colours and surfaces: front and reverse side are either stove lacquered with white or coloured surfaces, available in matt or high gloss, brushed or anodised, or even with a mirror-like or wood décor.




The unique alloy - AlMg1.

3A COMPOSITES is the only manufacturer using an AlMg1 alloy for the DIBOND® cover layers

Your advantages:

  • sturdy material
  • especially for 3D applications by using the routing and folding technique
  • excellent processing characteristics
  • advanced corrosion resistance

The special Polyester coating system.

  • stove lacquered according to ECCA - Standards
  • constantly high quality of colour as well as colour consistency
  • only in-house lacquering at the 3A COMPOSITES site in Singen
  • very even, flat surfaces
  • perfect printing properties
  • no heavy metals in the lacquer system
  • conforms to RoHS, REACH and WEEE

The black core. UV-Blocker.

The two aluminium layers enclose a black polyethylene core

Your advantages:

  • UV-protection
  • material stability caused by the black core
  • excellent long term application outdoors

Convincing properties. Convincing in its application.

DIBOND® provides excellent properties for processing, handling, transport and installation

  • very high stiffness and dimensional stability - ideal for large format applications
  • three dimensional processing by using the routing and folding technique - offering various creative applications
  • processing and installation on the spot - pre-fabrication and flat transportation require only few steps from panel to 3D display
  • long term application outdoors - very low thermal expansion
  • weather resistant - applicable with temperatures between -50°C up to + 80°C
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