Pepper Robot for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Pepper Robot For Retail Sectors

Pepper Robot

Jacky’s is one of the pioneering leaders in innovation marketing humanoid robots for the Middle East region.  Pepper and Nao are two of the most user-friendly robots that can be found in the UAE.  25,000 robots have been deployed worldwide and are creating huge breakthroughs in the field of Retail, Education, Banking, Governmental Public services and Healthcare. These robots are unique in the sense that they are not like zombies that you see in horror movies nor are they stuffed teddy bears.  They are a combination of efficiency and gentle obedience. Since they have a charming appearance with an eye-catching attractiveness, they can appeal to potential customers immediately and obtain undivided attention. In addition, they can create a good rapport with customers as they are the closest parallel to friendly humans. They react and respond to human tonal inflections with fluid and expressive body language. Moreover, they can generate visuals within seconds depending on the situation. People feel like embracing Pepper and Nao as they can build emotional empathy within seconds and connect with people.  Students, Young children, Customers, people in general do not feel any unease or discomfort as the robot does not behave in a mechanical way but behaves more like a thoughtful friend.

How does Pepper, the robot display a variety of competencies?

Pepper Robot for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

  • Pepper the humanoid robot can detect and attract people with an animated expression.
  • It is multilingual and can easily speak and switch languages while having the capability to use different languages.
  • It can accurately deliver brands, products and service information.
  • It can achieve real time communication as it updates speech and deliver messages with real time data.
  • It is capable of cognitive computing as it captures demographic data and emotions of the user.
  • It provides “worth to repeat Pepper experiences.”
  • It adapts the interaction content based on user profile.
  • It can provide product recommendation as it introduces relevant products and services based on preferences.
  • Identity recognition is another feature as it identifies people via code scanning, booking and through facial expressions.
  • It provides value added service as it assists with upselling and cross-selling.
  • It can be used for In game advertising as it advertises brands and services via interactive robot games 
  • Entertains people with “worth to share Pepper experiences”


Specifications of Pepper the Robot: Pepper has a height of 120 cms and weighs 28 kgs.  It can achieve face detection as it has two 5 mega pixels cameras and one 3D camera. In addition, it has 4 omnidirectional microphones and 2 loudspeakers. It has Bluetooth connectivity with ethernet and Wi Fi.  When it comes to Power, it has a Processor ATOM E3845.  Navigation is done through an inertial unit, infra-red sensors, bumpers along with 2 sonar sensors for omnidirectional navigating capability.  It also has 3 omnidirectional wheels. Pepper can assemble disconnected services and integrate other solutions which expand its capacities. This humanoid robot can contain multi-functional components and sensors which enable and augment AI technologies.


Nao the educational robot:  This is a smaller robot which is 58 cms in height and it is a bipedal robot with pleasantly rounded features. It has a new CPU and works as an amazing programming tool. Nao has become a necessity for education and research in many parts of the world. Nao has two 5-megapixel cameras for face identification and 2 sonars to detect obstacles.

Pepper Robot for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

The technical features include powerful motors along with prehensile hands and strong fingers. In terms of power, it has a processor ATOM with a Quad core of 1.91 GHz and 4 GB DDR3 Ram.

 Nao weighs 5.48 kgs and has flowing movements with several degrees of freedom. It has Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity along with Wi- Fi. This compact robot can detect falls, trigger protection and stand up by itself without any support. Nao can speak in 20 different languages and can impress students and researchers.

 Nao has been found to be particularly useful while dealing with students who suffer from learning disabilities.  It can establish an instant rapport with autistic students. Nao does not mind repeating lessons as it does not get tired. In addition, it can teach students and give lessons in literacy, math and physical education.  Inclusivity in education is possible with the help of Nao as it caters to the need of students, teachers, faculty  and researchers who may have a wide range of needs.



Pepper Robot for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Pepper Robot - Retail Business Solutions in Dubai


Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was ...

ROBOT PEPPER  Pepper Robot for Retail Business by Jackys Business Solutions Dubai
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