HP Latex 3500 Printer

Efficient high-volume production

The HP Latex 3500 Printer delivers a profound new level of productivity and operational efficiency for the most demanding sectors of industry, bringing new material handling and technological innovation designed for high-volume standardized workflows, making it ideal for dedicated application production.

Heavy-duty roll handling for printing oversized rolls responds to increasing industry trends for standardizing workflows, overnight printing, and the need for greater unattendedness around the printer to make the most of labor resources.

Single-roll handling of 1 x 300 kg (660 lbs), 40 cm diameter (16 inches) and dual-roll handling of 2 x 200 kg (440 lbs), 40 cm diameter

(16 inches) makes it possible to print up to 8, 10—even 12 hours of continuous uninterrupted printing.

Produce Odorless prints: HP latex inks are water based inks that combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water based inks you can obtain outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types used in sign and display application, together with high quality, odorless prints, low maintenance, and the environmental advantages of water-based inks.


HP 3M 891 10 liter Latex inks: Take advantage of the wide color gamut and versatile performance of HP Latex inks plus, complement the oversized roll handling capabilities and productivity of the HP Latex 3500 printer with 10 liter ink supplies- extending the production capacity of the printer. Ideal for overnight printing, long runs, and dedicated application Production


In-Line Sitters: Achieve quicker turnaround times, Reduce bottlenecks in finishing with the HP Latex in-line Slitters. Significantly increased Productivity compared to manual cutting. Especially on very large, full-width 3.2 m prints where a 3.2 m cutting device is not available


HP 881 Latex Printheads: experience high- productivity printing. Seven Printheads provide over 70,000 nozzles with 12 Pico-liter drops. High speed, reliable fiber optic cable data transfer to print carriage at up to 10 Gbits/Second


HP Latex Optimizer: Achieve high image quality at high productivity; Interacts with HP Latex inks to rapidly immobilize pigments on the surface of the print


High-resolution indoor prints: Produce find details, a wide color gamut, and a flexible ink layer with 6 colors and 1200 dpi resolutions. Enjoy wide media versatility, including heat-sensitive media with high efficiency curing.


LED Proofing Lights: Proof while printing, saving time and reducing waste. LED Proofing Lights for on-thefly visual inspection and proofing. Front light and a backlight ideal for high value backlit applications. No need to stop the printer saving time, media and ink


Printer Status Beacon: Increase your labor efficiency; Intuitive signaling systems help production mangers and operators to see the status of the HP Latex 3100 printer from far, No need to be at the printer. Enables one operator to manage multiple printers and finishing equipment much more effectively


The HP Latex Mobile application: Provides remote visibility of production, Monitor printer and job status. See the jobs in the queue, push message notifications for warnings and alerts. Manage multiple HP latex printers from one mobile device


HP Latex 3500 ink collector Kit (Optional): Print unlined mesh banner and porous texitels, simply install and remove the ink collector as needed. Disposable foams absorb excess ink and are easy to replace when full

Features of HP Latex 3500 Printer - for Textile & Garments

•       Self-Adhesive Vinyl

•       Calendared

•       Cast

•       Perforated


•       Banner

•       PVC Banner Frontlit

•       PVC Banner Backlit

•       Film

•       Polyester film

•       Paper


•       Blueback Paper

•       POP Paper

•       Fabric

•       Polyester Fabric

•       Mesh

•       PVC Mesh with & without liner

•       Specialty

•       Canvas

•       Photo Paper



  • Printer width: 126” (3.2m)
  • Print speed: 77 Sqm Indoor High quality (6 pass), 120 Sqm Outdoor (3 pass), 180 Sqm Billboard (2 pass)
  • Print Resolution:  1200 X 1200 dpi
  • Ink:s CYMKLcLm and optimizer ink
  • Ink capacity: 10 liter Cartridge


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