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Double Robotics is the creator of Double 3, the world’s leading telepresence robot. Double 3 helps telecommuters feel more connected to their colleagues by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person, whether it’s the office, classroom, or conference. Backed by the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator in 2012, Double Robotics began shipping in May 2013. The founders include David Cann, a designer and iOS developer, and Marc DeVidts, an electrical/embedded systems engineer. The company is in Burlingame, California.

Jacky’s Business Solutions has entered a partnership with Double Robotics, the creator of Double 3, the world’s leading telepresence robot, to distribute and promote the robot across the Gulf countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Under this partnership, Jacky’s Business Solutions will serve as the regional distributor, working with a network of system integrators and authorized re-sellers to market and provide customer support for the Double 3 robot for various institutions. This versatile robot can be swiftly adapted for various applications, whether it’s for personal use at home, deployment in offices, or in vertical market scenarios.

Area of use

Revolutionize remote work and virtual collaboration in corporate settings. The Double 3 Robot enables employees to participate in meetings, attend conferences, and interact with colleagues from anywhere in the world, fostering a sense of presence and engagement.

In healthcare, the Double 3 Robot becomes an invaluable tool for telemedicine and remote patient care. Medical professionals can conduct virtual consultations, monitor patients, and collaborate with colleagues, ensuring timely and efficient healthcare services.

Transform the traditional classroom experience by bringing remote students into the physical learning environment. The Double 3 Robot enables educators to engage with students, conduct virtual tours, and facilitate interactive learning experiences from anywhere.

Enhance efficiency in manufacturing processes and inspections by deploying the Double 3 Robot. Engineers and inspectors can remotely navigate through facilities, inspect equipment, and troubleshoot issues without the need for physical presence.

Provide personalized customer service in retail or hospitality environments. The Double 3 Robot can assist customers, guide them through stores, and enhance the overall customer experience, even in remote locations.

Expedite research projects and exploration missions by utilizing the Double 3 Robot. Scientists and researchers can remotely navigate through labs, conduct experiments, and explore challenging terrains without being physically present.
The Double 3 Robot is not just a telepresence device: it’s a gateway to a new era of connectivity and collaboration. Explore the endless possibilities and elevate your industry’s standards with the advanced features and applications of the Double 3 Robot. Welcome to the future of telepresence!


  • Self-Driving:

    An array of 3D sensors enables Double 3 to understand its environment, where it is safe to drive, and how to divert and move around obstacles to reach the destination. Obstacle avoidance means - completely untrained drivers can drive Double3 without fear of bumping into walls or people.

  • Click-to Drive Interface

    Dots are drawn on the floor where Double 3 can safely drive. The driver can click anywhere on the floor and the robot will reach the place, avoiding obstacles along the way.

  • Mixed reality Video

    Mixed reality is like Augmented Reality, except virtual 3D objects are added into the video stream, and they look like they are placed in the real world. They help you understand what your Double can see, and this amazing robot can highlight important waypoints and objects of interest. When it runs out of steam it can self-navigate back to the Charging Dock.

  • Unified Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

    Two 12 Megapixel cameras provide an ultra-wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. The cameras can physically tilt up and down, which is helpful for reading papers on a desk or zooming into a specific point.


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Double 3 Screen Recording – Office
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Double 3 Screen Recording – warehouse
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Double 3 intro video


Telepresence robot as the name indicates uses the power of the internet (wifi) for connecting with a tablet with integrated camera, speakers, microphones, and wheels for mobility. The users can virtually speak, hear, see, and drive the robot remotely with the convenience of a mobile phone or computer web browser.

Telepresence robot such as Double3 enables users to have a remote presence anytime, anywhere around the world at the convenience of a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection. The user can drive the robot and have 360° perspective of the remote location.
Telepresence robots can be a great substitute for any organisation as it can eliminate travel costs, increase effective communication, build engagement, and provide business enablement. It provides immediate ROI for the users.

Telepresence allows real-time, two-way collaboration between people who are in different locations. It uses VR technology for merging two locations into one place. The goal is to simulate face-to-face communication when people cannot meet personally. It supports the illusion that participants or groups are together in one room.

Double Robotics is one of the leading manufacturers of Telepresence robot called “Double 3” which is 3rd generation robot. Double Robotics is involved in design and build.

The weight of the robot including the base, head, and the charging dock is approximately 18.5Kgs.
The gross weight including the transport case will be around 26Kgs.

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