Boyce Technologies uses additive technologies to win business
Tuesday 03, Sep, 2019
Boyce Technologies uses additive technologies to win business

Boyce Technologies, prominent designer and manufacturer of products for public safety security and communications systems, is an expert on manufacturing technology. In their 150,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility in New York City, the company uses a variety of technologies to deliver necessary products from emergency response systems to radio and wireless networks, along with intercom systems, security alarm systems, customer information display systems, and integrated software systems.


Boyce Technologies has long been familiar with traditional manufacturing processes, offering expertise with multi-axis CNC machining, laser technologies for cutting, and welding, multi-axis industrial robots, and multi-axis water jet cutting. But these weren’t enough for some of the company’s more recent projects that required more iterations and complex geometries.


Learn how Boyce discovered and implemented incredible applications for additive manufacturing in their various workflows in this use case covering rapid prototyping, small-batch end-use parts, and vacuum forming.


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