From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk

From the COO’s desk

Thursday 26, Mar, 2020
From the COO’s desk


Welcome to our March newsletter.

We live in unprecedented times and have to take extraordinary measures to manage our businesses. At Jacky’s, in addition to taking all the steps to safeguard the health of our teams as well as our partners and customers, we are conducting business as usual where possible under the fluid circumstances.  It has meant changing a lot of working habits and locations, but it just goes to show how resilient we all are as a community.

We are working with our customers and customer-facing businesses like banks, clinics, retail to find solutions within our portfolio from queue management systems to our humanoid robots to remote working systems like Microsoft and others for schools and educational institutions that would help them carry on offering their services, safely and securely.

In other stories, Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) first fully Artificial Intelligence (Ai) autonomous medical fitness centre launched at City Walk last month. We also attended special sessions and workshops with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and National Search and Rescue Centre to understand how they are using Pepper and Nao in their operations.

The Covid-19 crisis has seen many technologies gain adoption quickly.  Microsoft Teams is being used extensively around the region as remote learning and remote working takes affect. As partners with Microsoft in the education space, we’re ready to support any institutions that need help in ramping up.  We saw a story of a 3D printing team come to the rescue of hospitals in Italy, if you need some resources and help, let us know. 
In other vendor developments, 3A Composites has launched a new series of value products for the graphics industry and Flexa shared a couple of pointers on why their Sublimax is great value for money within the signage and display industry. 
If you want to find out if we can help you, check out some of our stories here and our older stories and let us know if we can find the right solution for you. The contact emails for the relevant teams are at the end of each post in case you want to reach out to us. 
Stay safe and let us navigate these trying times together.
Ashish Panjabi
COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions

From The COO’s Desk - March 2020

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