From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk

From the COO’s desk

Thursday 28, May, 2020
From the COO’s desk


Eid Mubarak! We hope that the celebrations were joyful albeit safe for your team and families.

As we get back to work, the normal and our ways of doing business is changing. Here is an article on Gulf News that I contributed to along with a lot of others in the business.

With recent announcement of authorities slowly opening up more businesses, the safety and health of both customers and our teams is important so we can continue to enjoy the privilege of getting back on track. We did share some details of the new products we have introduced but have gone into more depth on each of our disinfection solutions  as well as the ones on thermal solutions.

In this newsletter, we are also exploring how you can leverage Zund cutters to create office dividers, hospital beds and protective gear that could be just as useful in factories and garages where your workforce needs safety. Our vendor Engview, whose software is used to create interesting packaging designs, has created starter packages for designers working and small businesses.

While we are sure you are probably “zoomed” out by now, do follow us on our LinkedIn page or on Twitter for updates on special webinars with our vendors as each of them share more resources through online webinars. We do send them on email so you can register for the ones that are most relevant to you; so do check your email settings to make sure you are not missing out. Also let us know if there are any you would especially like to hear from or a technology you need help with.

Once again, let us know if we can help you explore new business opportunities together.

Ashish Panjabi

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions

From The COO’s Desk - May 2020

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