From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk
Thursday 25, Mar, 2021
From the COO’s desk


March is here already. It’s been quite a hectic first three months of the year for us at Jackys and this month, we have a few new products and services as well as exciting case studies to share with you.

We partnered with Emirates Post to deploy our Queue Management solutions across all their branches to highlight their services and customer satisfaction. We also worked with the team at Dolci & Capricci to help them leverage robots like Pepper, Bella and Pudu robots to enhance their services to their customers.

We also share a special customer story from MakerBot of a Bahraini-UK race team that used the MakerBot Method X to support their race team with spare parts at the Dakar Rally this year. There is a video link in the story that has even more details.

In addition, we have a special piece from BigRep on creating carbon fibre parts, some tips from Flexa on making the most out of dye sublimation, and a heads up on a Zund webinar that will share tools and tips on how to make the most out of KAPA.

Ashish Panjabi                                    

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions

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