From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk

From the COO’s desk

Tuesday 28, Dec, 2021
From the COO’s desk


Welcome to our December updates.

As this eventful year comes to a close, we are pleased to say that it has been a productive and valuable year for our customers and, therefore, for us. Customer has always come first for us and our philosophy of keeping them front and centre meant that we have forged stronger partnerships.

This month, we worked with Coastal Qatar, an engineering firm, to help strengthen their new street signage division with the installation of a Zund machine.

As more of our customers in large format printing expand their services, we share a special article on the digital cutting at an industrial level for the packaging sector.

We also participated in two events – one was with SIAL, a leading F&B event in Abu Dhabi, and the other with Pudu Robotics who hosted a special end-of-year sale party.

In special vendor news, we are pleased to announce that MakerBot got UL GREENGUARD Certification for its Method 3D printers.

In December, we received recognition from our partner, Redington, for our role in the B2B ecosystem. We look forward to continuing this and all our partnerships in the new year with greater vigour and support.

Before we sign off, here’s wishing one and all a productive 2022 and hope to see you around all our social media channels– LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ashish Panjabi                                                   

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions


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