From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk

From the COO’s desk

Thursday 14, Mar, 2019
From the COO’s desk


Welcome to our third newsletter for the year.


Our February has been quite busy. Starting with robotics, Softbank Robotic’s Pepper robot has been showcased as part of Innovation Month in UAE in Dubai and Sharjah where government organisations showed the use of robotics as part of their customer-centric initiatives planned for the future...


In this newsletter, we are sharing a link to a piece from Engineering Live on the use and application of CNC in 3D printing. We also showcase a line of automated cutting machines from Zund which is marketed in the region by our sister concern. We have seen demand for these in the manufacturing sector and see a great future for its versatile applications in many other industries.


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Until next month, thank you for your business and support


Ashish Panjabi


Chief Operating Officer, Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC

From The COO’s Desk - March 2019

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