From the COO’s desk


From the COO’s desk

From the COO’s desk

Thursday 24, Dec, 2020
From the COO’s desk


As we reach the end of a this very fractious and disruptive year, the prospect of a viable vaccine and a New Year brings a ray of hope to all of us.

In the spirit of beginning a new year, we share a few of the lessons we learnt this year and what we think will be front and centre for 2021 for robotics and our Visitor Management Solution offerings, for large format printing and for the printing and packaging sectors. We took 2020 to extend service and maintenance support to our customers in this sector with the creation of “Done” to support our customers.

We took part, in person and live in several events including Gitex where we showcased our robots and our WeClean products. We were also present at Seamless and at the Middle East Retail Forum.

In other news, Pepper can now offer telepresence capabilities which with its tele-operation capabilities, allows for more functionality in the workspace. We have enhanced and strengthened our service and maintenance team, “Done;” shared updates on Caldera software that you might find useful as well as a customer story on how our customer TradeX is using Flexa and how Massivit 3D and BigRep are changing the construction sector.

We wish you, your family and your teams and their families all the best for a bright and prosperous New Year. We hope you will continue to do business in the new year.

Ashish Panjabi

COO, Jacky’s Business Solutions

From The COO’s Desk - December 2020

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