Why Lasers optimise customisation – BRM Lasers


Why Lasers optimise customisation – BRM Lasers

Why Lasers optimise customisation – BRM Lasers

Thursday 07, Nov, 2019
Why Lasers optimise customisation – BRM Lasers

Jacky’s Business Solutions added BRM Lasers to their portfolio earlier this year. They were present at the recent Creators and Innovators Expo where they demonstrated and showcased what their laser engravers and cutting machines could do.


BRM Lasers’ machines offer extensive opportunities when it comes to laser cutting and engraving. Numerous materials can be processed, ranging from acrylics to hardboard and from metal to textile.


The possibilities for the use of a laser cutter are virtually endless. This includes, among others, applications in the fashion industry, marketing sector and shipbuilding industry or in the field of carpentry, quarries and metalworks. The creative sector also plays host to an extensive array of applications for artistic expression and creation.


Jacky’s team support the BRM Lasers across the Gulf region with local installation, training and technical support.


To learn more of what you can do with BRM Lasers, download or access the whitepaper here.


If you want to connect with our team and find out more, email Giselle Olavario on Giselle.Olavario@jackys.com.

Why Lasers Optimise Customisation – BRM Lasers

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