It' s a robotic milling solution of foams, resins, plastics and wood, is supplied complete with safety guards, with only one entrance with access to the front door. Ours is a turnkey solution, composed of groover robot by iron base or reinforced concrete according to the installed size, rotary table (Optional) with capacity up to 3500 Kg, and Automatic Tool Change (Optional) with rack pneumatic tools closing of ten stations. There is also a powerful 5-axis CAM package complete with post-processor, which can reflect, with a perfect graphics simulation, the RM-RoboCut3D station in process, keeping under control collisions and singularity points.

Milling, seals, polishing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jet, welding, painting, coating spray, stock, drilling, engraving, reliefs etc. 

SprutCAM Robots
  - Machine and workpieces coordinated cone display
  - Separately Movement (game) for each axis
  - Coordinated and individual movements by the SpaceMouse
  - Intuitive and powerful Editor NC
  - 2D and 3D ISO file graphical display and processing times estimated
  - Start, stop, pause and restart by a specific block of the ISO list
  - Complete diagnostics with I / O and visible alarm display
  - Spindle display and tool supply
  - Management of tool presetting
  - Management rotary axis B with continuous and helical interpolation
  - Precise management for 3D scanning and capture points
  - Automatic and manual management spindle

  - Automatic and manual management lubrication

Materials production:
The RM-RoboCut3D system is ideal for processing of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Other examples of workable materials are also:
  - Marble
  - Wood
  - Resins
  - Foams
  - Plastic

Main advantages and benefits:
- Improved productivity thanks to offline programming (reduction of downtime of the robot and reducing programming costs)
- Automatic programming through direct generation of the tool path (without the need for self-learning)
- Automatic Tool path optimization 
- Movements and Collisions Controlled 
- Realistic machining simulations with commissioning of the work piece and the global scene
- NC files Direct Output by native robot language
- Optional: Servo-controlled rotating table management (seventh axis)
- Optional: Robot motion control with linear servo-controlled driving
- Optional: Management tool storage with dust with air drives
- Optional: Automatic management of the lubrication tool system

7/8  interpolated axes robot milling solution for EPS / XPS / Resin / Wood / Plastic and more...
--> Anthropomorphous robot
  • KR16-2 std with ES 1-3 handling multibus, connectors kit axis 1-3
  • Controller KR C4 standard EU - RAL 7035 light grey
  • Additional cabinet for HF spindle standard EU – RAL 7035 light grey
  • Ground cable 10mt
  • KSS V.8.4
  • Kit robot cables <> 10mt controller
  • Teach SmartPad for programming with 10mt cable
  • “Position accuracy” version included
  • Payload 16 Kg
  • Suppl. load arm 10 Kg
  • Max. reach / Z-Stroke 1611 mm
  • Number of axes 6 (Possibility of external 7th/8th axes)
  • Position repeatability < +/- 0,05 mm
  • Robot indicative weight 235 Kg
  • Controller KRC4
  • Range A1 +/- 185°
  • Range A2 +35°/-155°
  • Range A3 +154°/-130°
  • Range A4 +/-350°
  • Range A5 +/- 130°
  • Range A6 +/- 350°
  • Speed A1 156°/s
  • Speed A2 156°/s
  • Speed A3 156°/s
  • Speed A4 330°/s
  • Speed A5 330°/s
  • Speed A6 615°/s
  • I/O digital module 16/16/4 (EtherCAT Extension Bus)
  • EL4002 2-channel analog output terminal 0…10 V, 12 bit module
  • EL3062 2-channel analog input terminal 0…10 V, single-ended, modulo 12 bit
  • Power supply 400 Vac three-phase
  • LED RGB lighting with alterations of colors depending on the machining status of the system (Optional).
--> HF Electropindle and managing operating panel:
HF ElectroSpindle TMPE3 12/2 2,2 Kw 24.000 Rpm
Automatic software management with Start/Stop
Spindle overfeed 0-100% on operating panel
Electrical panel color: RAL 7035 light grey
--> Safety protections:
Perimeter protections to the ground with a sliding door access to the machining area
Interlocked safety micro with unlocking on call
Maximal dimensions 4.000 x 4.000 x 2500(H) mm
--> Included softwares:
SmartPad with software interface licence “XMC2.0 RoboCut”
CAM SprutCAM Robot licence
Post processor for RM-RoboCut3D
Manuals and documentations in Italian/English language
CE Certifications


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