Kettybot Food Delivery Robot

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC., Dubai has strengthened its product line with another great launch of a  service robot called as Kettybot from PUDU Robotics. Kettybot is an adorable service delivery robot for  customer service at restaurants that is designed to fit in tight spaces and can be used as an advertising platform as well. It is so attractive that the customers will fall in love with the robot at the very first sight.

The Kettybot food delivery robot is a feature rich, affordable robot which can work very well in areas such as cafes, food courts, bakeries, quick service restaurants (QSR), dessert parlours, casual dining restaurants and lounges.

Jacky’s Business solutions LLC., Dubai, United Arab emirates is in partnership  with  PUDU robotics who are the world leaders in the Service Robot industry using several Robots for various applications. Our innovation center located on Sheikh Zayed Road has a display area with a variety of state-of-the-art robots including the Kettybot food delivery robot which can be demonstrated to customers with prior appointments. For customers who intend to try out the Robot in their own in-house locations, we can provide on-site demo to gain some confidence regarding the product. Simple to set up and use, Kettybot can be a great COBOT (Co-working Robot) for any restaurants as it can work tirelessly navigating through narrow spaces bringing cheer and joy to the diners at any  restaurant that values quality and reputation. 



When it comes to busy restaurants and cafes during peak hours with a lot of visitors, our compact sized Robot can work through short width measuring 55 cms to reach the tables without any compromise. 



In the era of the pandemic, food hygiene is of paramount importance and the Kettybot can autonomously navigate itself from the kitchen area to the tables avoiding any obstructions on the way and minimizing human collisions . It also comes with a very attractive 18.5” display in portrait format so that the space can be used for signage applications. Sales staff can also use it effectively for cross selling or upselling opportunities such as “Deal of the Day” or anything which needs to be promoted.


Kettybot Features

Superior Mobility
Customized Advertisement with 18.5” screen
Customer Attraction “Hi”
Greeting & Escorting
Al Voice interaction
Multiple Delivery Modes
Automatic Recharging
Automatic Localization and Navigation System

Available in an eye catching range of 2 colors, yellow and white, kettybot comes with 2 trays along with a carrying capacity of up to 30 kgs at any given time. It can move at a speed of 1.2m/sec and can stop immediately in case of any sudden obstruction on its path. On its own, after the initial set up,  Kettybot can find alternate routes to reach the tables with accurate precision. This is possible due to the advanced LIDAR sensors that are embedded into the Robot.

Restaurants, cafes, and lounges usually operate for long working hours  and the Kettybot is well designed to work for up to 8 hours when its battery is fully charged. It also has an optional docking station where the robot gets charged when not in operation autonomously.



Kettybot can also substitute waitresses by welcoming guests at the entrance. It can also display the menu on the display and escort the customers to the tables with relative ease reducing the workload of the employees. Equipped with the latest in AI technologies, Kettybot has great voice interaction capabilities which can make situational dialogues easy while being on the move.



Kettybot can be set for cruise mode especially in large networking sessions or corporate presentations where it can be a great hostess moving around distributing refreshments, juices, and snacks in any gala dinner, product launches, weddings, and engagement parties. Furthermore, options such as Multi table, Birthday modes are built into the robot.

In areas involving Multi robots, with the help of PUDU scheduler Kettybot can communicate with other Robots in the same environment providing higher efficiency throughout the days. 



Kettybot Specification

Machine Dimension


Machine weight


Carrying capacity


Battery life




Cruise speed

Max 1.2m/s

Ad display dimension



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1.What is a KettyBot?

KettyBot is one of the top selling food delivery robots produced by PUDU robotics and marketed through Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC- one of the leading suppliers of service robots in the Middle East. KettyBot is an entry level Robot which is “C” shaped design with two carrying trays and a bowl. Due to it minimalistic design the robot only requires 55cm clearance making it an ideal choice to deploy in crowded environments.


2. What does a delivery robot do?

Delivery robot- KettyBot is a useful COBOT (co-working) robot, which can be deployed in any indoor restaurants to welcome the guest as a hostess at the entrance and escort them to a designated table. The Robot can also deliver food to customers with a carrying capacity of 30kgs on two trays and a bowl. KettyBot can also be deployed in Retail stores for marketing and promotion of any FMCG brands as it has an attractive front display to play video contents. Furthermore, KettyBot can be used in corporate office to deliver refreshments to the guests and employees. Hospitals have also deployed KettyBots to provide them with drinking water, sanitizers and providing useful information about the facilities.


3. What are delivery robots used for?

Delivery robots are mainly used to carry food from the kitchen to the tables. Depending on the size of the restaurant, number of robots can be deployed to ease out the pressure on the manpower serving the guests. Therefore, the waiter can focus on providing excellent service to the customers and increasing the sales revenue by promoting and upselling variety of dishes and retaining the customer loyalty.


4. How do delivery robots navigate?

Delivery robots are equipped with advanced LIDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging) which helps these robots to navigate around the restaurants by bouncing, spinning laser beam off obstacles, and detecting its reflection. Once the mapping of the restaurant is done (usually takes less than 1 hour for an average restaurant to build the map). The robot can travel autonomously from the kitchen to the tables avoiding obstacles.


5. What are the benefits of delivery robots?

The benefit of having delivery robot is it can save huge cost of restaurant runners and frees up time of the waiter who are doing monotonous, repetitive, and tiring job. These times can be better invested in focusing on providing 5-star service to the customers which helps in retaining customer loyalty, increasing the revenue, and reducing the daily operational challenges and fatigue of the employees. The robots can also be used to collect dishes from the tables quickly and preparing for the next batch of customers.


6. How much do delivery robots weigh?

The  delivery robot weighs around 38kg. It can carry a weight of up to 30kg of food, cutlery, napkins, and towels and deliver to single tables or multiple tables.


7. How fast are delivery robots?

The delivery robot can cruise at a maximum speed of 1.2 Meter Per Second.


8. How long does it takes to recover the cost?

One Pudu robot is as productive as 1.5 – 2 human waiters and depending on labour cost savings, the estimated return on investment can vary between 9 – 15 months.


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