Zund L3 Digital Cutter

Zund L3 Digital Cutter

This item is among the best selling products we supply at Cutting Edge Solutions LLC and is a real customer favorite. We suggest you check out our inventory to see if this product is available, or contact one of our representatives to make an order. We guarantee you won’t be able to find better quality elsewhere.

L3 Leather Cutter Characteristics that excite

Projection system - The projection system visually supports the user through all phases of production: from setup and automatic or interactive nesting, to picking/ sorting of cut parts.

Speed by design - The exceptional productivity of the L3 cutter stems from its smart motion control, precise drive system and fine-tuned cutting technology.

Workflow efficiency - Production and loading/unloading of materials occur at the same time. A green LED light signals which area can be safely accessed at any given time.

Cutting surface - The cutting surface consists of a highly stable, perfectly constructed aluminum composite and delivers products that are cut to perfection.

Material hold-down - The cutting surface is divided into individually controllable vacuum zones. A stepless variable vacuum turbine ensures the leather stays firmly in place during processing

Reliably precise - Zünd cutters are production machines. All components – from the drive system to the blades – are perfectly coordinated for superior performance. This ensures you can complete orders quickly and efficiently and convince your customers with perfect results.

The Zünd building-block design Variable and efficient

The Zünd tooling system consists of high-performance cutting, punching, and routing tools. The modularity of the system minimizes the initial cost and lets you tailor the configuration to your specific needs. The L3 can accommodate combinations of up to seven tools for different functions.

Cutting detailed contours - The Electric Oscillating Tool - EOT is ideal for cutting soft to moderately dense leather materials and detailed contours. High oscillating frequencies permit very high processing speeds.

Cutting thick, tough leather - The air-driven Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - POT with a powerful 8 mm stroke is particularly well suited for processing dense, tough materials such as those used for soles.

Perforating - The Zünd high-performance tools for perforating leather, rubber and textile materials are capable of punching up to 8 holes per second.

Integrated tool initialization - Fast, precise, efficient: the setup of blades and bits occurs automatically with an integrated tool calibration system. This eliminates any manual steps in determining the proper cutting depth.

The L3 leather cutter Flexibility at work

Uppers - Cutting and perforating tools designed specifically for leather applications deliver superior performance and productivity.

Sole materials - Rigid, tough materials require powerful cutting tools. Robust blades and the oscillating tools EOT or POT are the perfect combination for processing sole materials.

Stencil materials - Process stencil material of all kinds. For materials that are too tough for cutting, the Zünd tool kit offers just the right routing tool.

Rolled materials - Is leather processing your primary business? Even if that is the case, would you like to have greater flexibility when using the L3 cutting system? With the optional roll-off unit, you can easily and efficiently process rolls up to a width of 2000 mm and weight of 70 kg.

Solid reasons for Zünd L3

Modularity - Zünd cutting systems are based on a design concept that lends them greater flexibility and adaptability than any others on the market can offer. This unique modularity makes it possible to cost-effectively configure and upgrade Zünd cutters for ever-changing cutting needs. This contributes to their exceptional ROI and makes them retain their value over many years.

Profitability - Solid performance, outstanding quality - thousands of Zünd cutting systems worldwide are producing non-stop and offer daily proof of their unparalleled profitability. Innovative technology and superior standards of construction guarantee low maintenance costs. Outstanding energy efficiency is yet another benefit of our products. Optimal processing methods, state-of-theart vacuum generators and sophisticated material-advance systems keep energy demands low and contribute to the eco-friendliness and sustainability of our products.

Worldwide service - What applies to our cutting systems, also applies to our service: Exceptional performance, precision and reliability. Optimally trained and highly experienced specialists are always at your disposal. Zünd technicians all over the world are only a phone call away. Our subsidiaries and distribution partners in your vicinity strive to keep response times to a minimum and are ready to provide support whenever the need arises.

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This item is among the best selling products we supply at Cutting Edge Solutions LLC and is a real customer favorite.

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