With 22 years of experience in the digital signage software industry, Navori is developed 100% in-house. We specialize in professional, enterprise-grade digital signage software and are a recognized supplier to Fortune 100 companies and organizations worldwide.


Internationally established in America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia, our cloud-based digital signage and management software has a global presence.

Navori R&D leads the industry through innovation:

  • Ultra High Definition 8K Player
  • User, AI and data feed driven
  • Mobile control
  • Multi-platform, 100% inter-operable
  • Highest security certifications


How Navori Works?

Navori for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Navori Cloud Based

Navori for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Navori on Premise

Navori for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


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1. How do you create a digital signage?

Creating a digital signage, you need to have digital signage display (TV/Screen) backed by a digital signage media player that receive design templates from a centralized Content Management System (CMS) hosted in a Digital Signage Server.


2. How do digital signage systems work?

A digital signage is a system that consists of many components of hardware and software, together deliver the digital contents such as images, videos, texts, scrolling messages, animations and live data on the digital screens displaying advertisement, news, wayfinding, outdoor advertising and information of all kinds.


3. How is digital signage used in product promotion?

The usage of digital signage is boundless for any organization, and this can be design to meet their unique requirements. Companies are using digital signage as a marketing tool for their products and services.

  • Organizations such as banks and financial offices use digital signage to display their corporate promotions, currency exchange rates and Queue numbers if integrated with Queue Management System.

  • In offices DSS is used for workplace communication to engage their employee more productive and informed.

  • Interactive displays and video walls are used in public offices and malls offering solutions and way finding.

  • In Restaurants, the usage as digital menu is more attractive

  • Digital posters are used in many places


4. How do you use digital signage in retail?

There are many effective reasons using digital signage in retail such as:

  • Attract the customers and increase foot traffic

  • Attract the passers-by and turn them into prospective customers

  • Brand awareness, showcase and promote products

  • Improve customer experience


5. What is a digital signage platform?

Digital signage solution is all around us, on the road, at malls, in the restaurants, at airports, at government offices and many other places. The digital signage platform consists of servers, players and screens. The server either on premise or cloud centrally control the players and provides a platform where contents can be uploaded, designed and distributed to many displays or screens backed by digital signage players.


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