HP HP Latex 700 Series

HP HP Latex 700 Series

Improve your sustainability and pick from a wide range of compatible eco-conscious media with optional “white” ink

The HP Latex 700 series’ builds on the proven Latex technology producing sustainable, deadline-busting, higher-value jobs, equipping you to take on more of the jobs you really want to win.

Print vibrant colors along with white ink option at high speed and low cost with minimal impact on the environment. Ideal for printing window graphics, wallpaper, Canvas, fabric/textiles, vehicle graphics and a lot more. Simple and easy to use with no maintenance needed and odorless inks.


High productivity, vivid colors & white ink

Drive high productivity and match peak demand with fast response times with the HP Latex 700W printer which offers saturated outdoor colour prints at speeds up to 31 m2/hr. Cut risk and eliminate delays with prints being dry and scratch resistant immediately after printing and avoid the hazards associated with solvent and UV printing without trading-off performance. 

Whitest white - Extend your portfolio into high-margin jobs with the whitest high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time. Automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning reduce manual purging and help prevent clogs.

Vivid colour at high speed - HP Latex Ink, with higher pigment load, enables high saturation colour even at up to 21 m2/hr (indoor) with increased gamut. Deliver vivid colours at high speed, get striking contrast using pure blacks, and expect sharp 4-point text.

Next level media versatility - More supported media including compatible ecoconscious media due to lower curing temperature.  Improved colour consistency and length repeatability between tiles with the fan system that homogonizes the temperature inside the print zone. A flexible and thin ink layer helps avoid issues when laminating.

Up to 50% more productive - High productivity at speeds up to 31 m2/hr (outdoor) with 50% more nozzles per printhead for better saturation at high speeds. Work fast processing reprints and multi-copy jobs with a smart 8-inch front panel, and store up to 100 jobs.

Easy media loading - Enjoy fast and easy spindleless loading and media access with the raisable curing module for rolls up to 55 kg (121 lb).

Plastic reduction - HP Eco-Carton replaces plastic ink cartridge. For the 1-liter cartridge for the HP Latex 700 Printer series, reduces plastic by 80% and CO2e by 66%.

Sharpen your sustainability edge - If you are concerned about regulations, your customers are becoming sensitive about the environment, or you care about enabling a more comfortable workplace for your operators, then it is worth learning more about the environmental advantages of HP Latex Technology.





  • 700 W Printer includes White Ink
  • Whitest white ink without complexity—automatic recirculation and printhead cleaning reduce manual purging.
  • CMYK,Lc,Lm,Wh ink set
  • Vivid colours up to 31 m2/hr
  • Next level of media versatility, including compatible eco-conscious media
  • Odourless prints
  • Automatic white ink recirculation & cleaning
  • 1 Litre HP 832 inks
  • Raisable curing module
  • User-replaceable printheads with micro-recirculation and +50% nozzles
  • Smart front panel with fast reprint
  • New HP Eco-Carton Ink Carton
  • Remote Monitoring HP PrintOS


 specifications-HP Latex 700 Series HP for Textile & Garments Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

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