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Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

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Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions DubaiJacky’s have partnered with “Robot Temi”- a leading Manufacturer of the award winning Robot “ Temi” to market and distribute the robot across the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Saudi ArabiaRobot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain through a network of System integrators and authorized re-sellers. As the regional distributors, Jacky’s will be providing local stocks and customer service for the Robot owners. Temi is one of the most versatile robots you will ever find in the market. This Robot can be adapted almost instantly whether you would like to use it at home for personal use or deploy it in the office or for any vertical market applications. The main driver of this product is rich and powerful features such as Tele calling/VOIP, Strong navigation, built in Alexa chatbot and an open platform for custom application development with endless possibilities in not only English but also Arabic or other languages.



Choice of two colors - Black or Pure white.


How can Temi be useful in the Telecom Sectors?

Temi robot can play an important role in Telecom sectors. As the telecom operators are finding innovative ways of developing the business, Temi can be one of the touchpoints at every home as it provides a variety of benefits to the home users. Temi is one of the connected devices every homeowner can dream off.Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai With the help of built-in Alexa virtual assistant, you can get any information with a simple voice command. Secondly, due to the built-in video calling, family members and friends can always be in touch virtually from any parts of the world. This is an absolute necessity while caring for elderly and small kids. Temi can also use personal caddy and doing some useful service. The wireless charging also provides an easy way of charging the cell phone. There are lots of free to use Apps from the Temi app store as well.

Some of the used cases can be as follows:

  • Information counter
  • COVID 19 awareness.
  • Self-service/information kiosk
  • Remote customer service
  • Video calling for work from home.
  • Conduct a survey
  • Lead generation/customer feedback
  • Wayfinding or navigation.
  • Temperature measurement
  • Real-time patrolling
  • Personal assistance and more…



How is Temi robot different?

Temi is a high quality, an affordable robot that delivers revolutionary solutions for your personal and business needs. It uses home-built autonomous navigation, 360-degree depth perception, Dynamic path planning, human face tracking, (AI technologies), video calling and true multimedia experience with powerful sound system and 10” QHD touch display.

Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

One of the coolest functionalities of the Temi robot is built in “ASK ALEXA”!

Based on voice commands, you can talk to Temi robot and play your favorite video or music on YouTube, check weather, take a selfie, check on news headlines, order food online or even control smart home devices. There are numerous ways to use Temi  and it is indeed a perfect companion!


Temi App Store

Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

With the help of easy to use SDK kits, developers can create and host variety of Apps on the temi App store creating a huge databank of used case scenarios. Temi delivers infinite options for education, health care, entertainment and much more.  Most of these Apps are available to be used in the Middle East also.


Global Recognition

Temi has received several recognitions from leading publications such as Time Magazine, leading trade shows like CES Asia and MWC.  Temi was also recognized in areas such as Real Estate for its unique applications.

Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Temi center

Temi center provides advance capabilities such as controlling the Robot remotely and navigating the robot to saved location on the map. Temi can be programmed easily to perform certain tasks in sequence such as playing some video, music or speak proactively. Temi can detect humans and interact with the users. The Map configuration is another powerful feature where virtual wall can be created in the robot path. These can also perform Add/Editi/Save/Import and export the map configuration.  As Temi has the VOIP calling function, contacts data can be generated along with face recognition.

Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Temi- Custom Branding

Temi robot can be customized with your own unique brand names, logo, and color schemes so that it becomes part of your organization.  The personality of each Temi robot can be created to match that of your company.  The user interface can also be in Arabic and other languages where required.


Robot Temi for Telecom Company By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


If you require further information or wanting to have a demo or quote, please get in touch with our sales team or call us on +97143388900

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01. What is the Temi robot, and how does it relate to the telecom sector in the UAE?

The Temi robot is an advanced, autonomous robotic assistant designed to perform various tasks and interact with humans. In the telecom sector in the UAE, Temi robots are being utilized to enhance customer service, facilitate communication, and provide interactive experiences.


02. How does the Temi robot enhance customer service in the telecom sector?

Temi robots are equipped with advanced AI capabilities and can understand and respond to customer queries, provide information about products and services, and assist with troubleshooting common issues. They can guide customers through the telecom store, offer personalized recommendations, and even process payments.


03. Can the Temi robot assist with telecom-related inquiries?

Yes, the Temi robot is programmed with a wide range of telecom-related knowledge. It can answer questions about different mobile plans, explain features and benefits of various devices, and aid with setting up new connections or resolving network-related problems.


04. How does the Temi robot facilitate communication in the telecom sector?

Temi robots act as a bridge between customers and telecom representatives. They can make video calls to customer service agents, enabling face-to-face communication and improving the overall customer experience. The robot can also relay messages, take notes, and schedule appointments on behalf of customers.


05. Can the Temi robot provide interactive experiences in the telecom sector?

 Absolutely! The Temi robot is designed to engage users in interactive experiences. For example, it can showcase virtual demos of new telecom products, offer interactive games related to telecommunications, or guide customers through virtual reality experiences that showcase the latest technological advancements.


06. Are the Temi robots customizable for specific telecom providers in the UAE?

Yes, the Temi robot's software and interfaces can be customized to align with the branding and services of specific telecom providers in the UAE. This allows telecom companies to tailor the robot's interactions and functionalities to meet their unique requirements and offer a consistent brand experience.


07. Can the Temi robot perform tasks beyond customer service in the telecom sector?

Certainly! While the primary focus of the Temi robot is customer service and communication, it can also perform other tasks. For instance, it can be used for security surveillance, navigation assistance within telecom stores, and even for data collection or analysis purposes to gather insights about customer preferences and behaviors.


08. Is the Temi robot widely available in the telecom sector in the UAE?

The adoption of the Temi robot in the telecom sector is gradually increasing in the UAE. While it may not be available in every telecom store or outlet at the moment, it is being implemented by several leading providers as a way to innovate customer interactions and enhance service offerings.

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