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Humanoid robots are human-like robots that benefit humanity, provide social assistance, and automate tasks that leads to productivity and reduced cost which will result in savings. Rapid or quick growth has been witnessed in the market of humanoid robots recently and the main reason is the quickly improving capabilities of these robots and their feasibility in an ever-expanding range of applications.

Robots are available in many shapes and sizes but the most fascinating, attractive, and acceptable are the ones that resemble humans. Pepper and NAO from SoftBank Robotics are humanoid robots, used in more than 70 countries worldwide. The height and body shapes of these robots are so attractive, and they look friendly with a pleasing appearance. SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in Robotics solutions.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC is one of the pioneering leaders in innovation and marketing humanoid robots of Softbank Robotics for the GCC areas such as UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. Further, Jacky’s is also the authorized service center to look after these Robots in the region in case of any break down. It is important to note that both the Pepper and NAO robots have been successfully deployed in these regions and serving diverse customers.


Pepper – the charming robot, designed for human


Pepper recognizes faces and basic human emotions to welcome, inform and entertain people in an innovative way. Pepper the robot says “hi” when it sees a person and starts a conversation, standing 4ft (120cm) tall with touch screen display on its chest. It displays content to convey messages and support speech. Pepper is equipped with four microphones, two HD cameras and a 3D depth sensor, all of which enable the robot to detect and respond to voices and body language. Pepper is an appealing robot and its curvy human-like design adds more attraction, ensures danger-free use and has a high level of acceptance by users.




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Pepper as a brand ambassador


Pepper’s presence advances customers’ experience in an organization whether it is a retail, education, banking, governmental public services, healthcare or hospitality and tourism and it can be integrated with other solutions.

In any organization, Pepper the robot is engaging visitors and collecting information to analyze the behavioral patterns. It automates a lot of the repetitive tasks serving visitors/customers and can present any brand information such as company’s introduction, presentation of campaigns/offers, promoting items, issue queueing tickets, etc.



Pepper Robot for Healthcare Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Government and Public sectors


Government and Public sectors across the world are showing a futuristic trend that is reliant on robotics and digital technology. A lot of public sector jobs are forecasted to be more efficient through automation and robotics by 2030. Pepper, the humanoid service robot is a valuable addition as a new staff member to the team in public sector. Pepper can reduce the amount of time staff spend on repetitive and routine activities, allowing more time to the staff who wish to provide direct care and a personal touch especially on jobs that need extra priority and physical attention.

Pepper, the robot also serves people better and make people feel it!

Pepper greets visitors and serves the citizens with high quality services. This robot’s friendly appearance attracts visitors and through its natural body language, it makes them feel that they are speaking to a true companion. Visitors feel comfortable while asking or searching for the right services they need. Pepper can easily aid people in the right direction with correct information and services based on their needs. Pepper has a function of reading people’s mind and it is good at communicating with people.


Pepper Robot for Government Institutions By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Pepper identifies the visitors through their face and appearance.

Technology is changing the world and now many countries are using facial recognition in public services. On February 14, 2021, the UAE Cabinet approved the use of facial ID in certain sectors to verify the identity of individuals and cut paperwork. The move is expected to enhance service delivery across the country. Pepper can scan faces of the visitors and fully supports this initiative of facial ID.

Apart from this, pepper can scan the faces of up to 5 people in a group, simultaneously, in order to check if they are wearing a mask which is now mandatory that people wear masks in closed spaces as part of precautions during the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.

Integrated services for Government and Public Services

Pepper can be integrated with government applications providing citizens with services in an easy and a user-friendly manner. Pepper’s integrated features can handle appointments and issue queue tickets. It can collect the feedback from expatriates as well as local residents in order to improve service effectiveness.





Typical use cases of pepper in Government and Public sector


Receptionist Service Provider Visitor Identifier Customer Survey Conductor Edutainment


Pepper contains multi-functional components and sensors which enable and augment AI technologies.


  • Pepper has its own built-in chatbot as a core module but also has the capability to be integrated with any other 3rd party chatbots.
  • It is multi-lingual, has speech recognition and dialogue available in more than 20 languages.
  • 20 joints and movements for natural, friendly gestures and animated movements
  • 3D Camera detects humans and environment, together with perception modules that read emotions and interact in real time with a person.
  • Multi-modes of interaction with touch sensors, microphones and LEDs
  • Infrared sensors, bumpers, an inertial unit, 2D and 3D cameras, and sonars for omnidirectional and autonomous navigation.
  • Easily adaptable with an open and fully programmable platform.


Pepper the humanoid robot can detect and attract people with an animated expression.



It is multilingual and can easily speak and switch languages while having the capability to use different languages.


It can accurately deliver brands, products and service information.


It is capable of cognitive computing as it captures demographic data and emotions of the user.

It can provide product recommendation as it introduces relevant products and services based on preferences.


It can achieve real time communication as it updates speech and deliver messages with real time data.


It adapts the interaction content based on user profile.


Identity recognition is another feature as it identifies people via code scanning, booking and through facial expressions.


It provides value added service as it assists with upselling and cross-selling.



It collects info, generate leads and insights, learn from data

It can be used for In-game advertising as it advertises brands and services via interactive robot games



Entertains people with “worth to share Pepper experiences”




The new generation of NAO robot NAO

NAO is the first robot created by SoftBank Robotics in 2006 and has been constantly evolving since the beginning and NAO6 is the 6th version of humanoid robot NAO, launched in 2018 with more powerful hardware and enhanced performance.







Nao can speak in 20 different languages


Detects falls and trigger the protection


Able to stand up alone by itself


Attractive programmable platform


Create a unique human-robot interaction experience and take it to a new level

NAO the education robot is a great programming tool and has especially become a necessity in education and research. It is incredibly famous around the world. Inclusivity in education is possible with the help of Nao as it caters to the need of students, teachers, faculty and researchers who may have a wide range of needs. It also can teach students and give lessons in literacy, math and physical education. 

NAO in healthcare has been proved to be a better coach/trainer robot and specially has been found to be particularly useful while dealing with students who suffer from learning disabilities.Image result for NAO robot

Children with autism who show typical communication disorders cannot use the preverbal communication skills such as gaze, gestures, etc. which plays a crucial role in human communication development. Nao can establish an instant rapport with autistic students and teach them to interact in more humanlike ways. Nao does not mind repeating lessons as it does not get tired.

This is a smaller robot which is 58 cms in height and it is a bipedal robot with pleasantly rounded features. Nao has two 5-megapixel cameras for face identification and 2 sonars to detect obstacles.

The technical features include powerful motors along with prehensile hands and strong fingers. In terms of power, it has a processor ATOM with a Quad core of 1.91 GHz and 4 GB DDR3 Ram.

Nao weighs 5.48 kgs and has flowing movements with several degrees of freedom. It has Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity along with Wi- Fi.


Few use cases of pepper in Government and Public sector


  • Dubai Electric & Water Authority (DEWA)
  • Department of Health - Abu Dhabi
  • Federal Authority of Identity & Citizenship - Abu Dhabi
  • Al Ain Municipality - Al Ain
  • Road & Transport Authority - Dubai
  • Expo 2020 - Dubai
  • Dubai Police
  • ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil company)
  • Du Telecom

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01. What is Pepper Robot?

Pepper Robot is a humanoid robot designed to interact with humans, understand emotions, and provide information or assistance.


02. How is Pepper Robot utilized in the UAE government sector?

Pepper Robot is used in various government settings in the UAE, such as customer service centers, public events, and information desks, to enhance interaction and improve efficiency.


03. What tasks can Pepper Robot perform in government offices?

Pepper Robot can provide information, answer frequently asked questions, guide visitors, collect data, and assist with basic administrative tasks.


04. How does Pepper Robot understand and respond to human emotions?

Pepper Robot is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and sensors that allow it to interpret facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice to respond appropriately.


05. Is Pepper Robot capable of speaking Arabic?

Yes, Pepper Robot is programmed to speak multiple languages, including Arabic, to facilitate communication with citizens and visitors in the UAE.


06. Can Pepper Robot handle sensitive or confidential information?

Pepper Robot is designed to respect privacy and security. It does not store or retain personal data or sensitive information of individuals it interacts with.


07. How is Pepper Robot integrated into the existing government infrastructure?

Pepper Robot can be integrated with existing systems and databases to access real-time information, providing accurate and up-to-date responses to user queries.


08. Can Pepper Robot be customized to suit specific government requirements?

Yes, Pepper Robot can be customized with specific functionalities, content, and branding to align with the unique needs of the UAE government and its various departments.


09. What support and maintenance services are available for Pepper Robot in the government sector?

The UAE government ensures ongoing technical support, maintenance, and regular updates for Pepper Robots deployed in its various departments.


10. How does Pepper Robot contribute to the UAE government's digital transformation initiatives?

Pepper Robot plays a vital role in the UAE government's digital transformation efforts by improving citizen engagement, streamlining processes, and enhancing the overall service experience.



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