Digital Avatar For Retail

Digital Avatar is a soft-robot solution powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) which can interact with customers with speech or by touch screens. Jacky's Business Solutions LLC, Dubai, UAE is the provider of the Digital Avatar technology in the Middle east including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Avatar in different sectors provides human-like virtual assistance making direct and easy communication with the customers. Avatar is a digital human, useful character for brands and retailers as it interacts with visitors and engage and convert them into loyal customers.

Our Avatar solution has endless use cases applications in various sectors such as Government, Healthcare, Banking, Education, Hospitality and Retail. Our skilled team can assist in having professional consultancy, use case work flow designing and rapid deployment services of soft-robot solution according to your business type and requirements.


Interactive, Engaging, and customizable Avatar!

Digital Avatar For Retail for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Our avatars are friendly and communicates proactively with the users without any supervision. They can be a great ambassador to your organisation and can be an integral part of your work force as a “Digital co-worker”

We can also customize avatar mascot based on your organisation preferences.




Portability is the key factor!

Digital Avatar For Retail for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Digital Avatar can be deployed rapidly on any kinds of hardware such as smart phones, tablets, All in one systems, Kiosks or interactive screens.



Avatar solution for Retail

Avatar in retail enhances the user buying experience as it can speak multiple languages, promoting the brands, products and services and keep the customers engaged. Avatar gives the digital soul to the brands.

Avatar can make choices and recommendations for the customers to select the right and suitable products within the store, helps in upselling and effectively introducing promotions from time to time.

Digital Avatar in retail is very effective for marketing, enrolling customers to loyalty program, highlighting the benefits. Also, the interactive avatar can help customers to deliver the right messaging on product, pricing, and promotions.

Avatar can take suggestions and collect the feedback from the customers for continuous improvement.


Advantages of soft-robot (Digital Avatar) solution


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   No Expensive Hardware: There is no need to buy special and expensive hardware as Avatars can run on any Android device (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) with Camera and

   Mic. It is highly adaptative and scalable.

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   High Scalability: Avatars usability are near to unlimited. They can add value to any application and multiple avatars can be used.

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   Ready 24/7: Avatars are ready to work any time and don't get tired.

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   Without Human Support: Avatars are installed once and can autonomously and proactively address customers.

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   Reduced Personnel Costs: Avatars operates independently that don't need to be operated by additional staff. Interacting with them is intuitive and straightforward.

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   No Maintenance Costs: Avatars are a pure software solution and can be easily integrated on Android any device. Thus, you have no maintenance effort and save

   associated costs.

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  • What is a digital avatar in the retail sector?


 A digital avatar is a virtual representation of a person that can be used in various ways in the retail industry. It can be an animated character that interacts with customers online, a 3D model of a product that can be viewed from different angles, or a virtual assistant that helps shoppers find what they need.


  • How can a digital avatar be used in retail?


 A digital avatar can be used in several ways in the retail industry. For example, it can be used to provide a more immersive and interactive online shopping experience, where customers can try on clothes or see how furniture would look in their home. It can also be used to answer customer queries and provide recommendations, like a virtual assistant that speaks in the language of your customer. Additionally, it can help retailers gather valuable data about customer preferences and behavior.


  • What are the benefits of using a digital avatar in retail?


There are several benefits to using a digital avatar in retail. Firstly, it can provide a more engaging and personalized shopping experience, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Secondly, it can help retailers gather data about customer preferences and behavior, which can be used to improve their products and services. Digital avatars are multilingual as well so speak in the language of your customer even if your staff can’t.  Finally, it can help retailers reduce costs by automating certain tasks and reducing the need for physical staff.


  • Are there any challenges to using a digital avatar in retail?


Yes, there are several challenges to using a digital avatar in retail. Some customers may prefer the human touch and find interacting with a digital avatar impersonal. There may be concerns around data privacy and security, particularly if the digital avatar is collecting and storing customer data though most retailers have got in place rigid privacy policies.


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