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Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC., a 50-year-old, business enterprise with the HQ located in Dubai operates across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Jacky’s Business Solutions is at the forefront of introducing innovative solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Digital transformation in the Middle East. Customers can visit the Innovation lab located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and try out various concepts that can be deployed at the workplace. Jacky’s friendly team of technical presales and sales team are always there to support and ensure that customer requirements are met with a high degree of efficiency.


Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions DubaiJacky’s have partnered with “Robot Temi”- a leading Manufacturer of the award winning Robot “ Temi” to market and distribute the robot across the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Saudi ArabiaRobot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain through a network of System integrators and authorized re-sellers. As the regional distributors, Jacky’s will be providing local stocks and customer service for the Robot owners. Temi is one of the most versatile robots you will ever find in the market. This Robot can be adapted almost instantly whether you would like to use it at home for personal use or deploy it in the office or for any vertical market applications. The main driver of this product is rich and powerful features such as Tele calling/VOIP, Strong navigation, built in Alexa chatbot and an open platform for custom application development with endless possibilities in not only English but also Arabic or other languages.



Choice of two colors - Black or Pure white.


How can Temi be useful in the Retail industry?

Temi Robot can be applied in retail stores, speciality stores, Gas stations, convenient stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets as one of the Omnichannel touchpoints in the customer journey. Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions DubaiWith easy to use SDK kits, Temi can be integrated easily with any Point of Sales application and the back-end ERP for fetching real-time store information such as:
• Product/Store information
• Product pricing
• Check store inventory
• In store marketing & Promotion
• Loyalty membership
• Conduct a survey
• Lead generation
• Way finding & Patrolling
• Point of Sale
• Product identification
• Kiosk functionality
• Virtual sales promotion
• Click and collect and many more...




How is Temi robot different?

Temi is a high quality, affordable robot that delivers revolutionary solutions for your personal and business needs. It uses home built autonomous navigation, 360-degree depth perception, Dynamic path planning, human face tracking, (AI technologies), video calling and true multimedia experience with powerful sound system and 10” QHD touch display.

Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

One of the coolest functionalities of the Temi robot is built in “ASK ALEXA”!

Based on voice commands, you can talk to Temi robot and play your favorite video or music on YouTube, check weather, take a selfie, check on news headlines, order food online or even control smart home devices. There are numerous ways to use Temi  and it is indeed a perfect companion!


Temi App Store

Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai

With the help of easy to use SDK kits, developers can create and host variety of Apps on the temi App store creating a huge databank of used case scenarios. Temi delivers infinite options for education, health care, entertainment and much more.  Most of these Apps are available to be used in the Middle East also.


Global Recognition

Temi has received several recognitions from leading publications such as Time Magazine, leading trade shows like CES Asia and MWC.  Temi was also recognized in areas such as Real Estate for its unique applications.

Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Temi center

Temi center provides advance capabilities such as controlling the Robot remotely and navigating the robot to saved location on the map. Temi can be programmed easily to perform certain tasks in sequence such as playing some video, music or speak proactively. Temi can detect humans and interact with the users. The Map configuration is another powerful feature where virtual wall can be created in the robot path. These can also perform Add/Editi/Save/Import and export the map configuration.  As Temi has the VOIP calling function, contacts data can be generated along with face recognition.

Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


Temi- Custom Branding

Temi robot can be customized with your own unique brand names, logo, and color schemes so that it becomes part of your organization.  The personality of each Temi robot can be created to match that of your company.  The user interface can also be in Arabic and other languages where required.


Robot Temi for Retail Business By Jackys Business Solutions Dubai


If you require further information or wanting to have a demo or quote, please get in touch with our sales team or call us on +97143388900

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01. What is a Temi robot in the retail?

The Temi robot is a sophisticated, autonomous robot designed to perform various tasks and interact with humans in a retail environment. It combines mobility, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition technologies to provide assistance and enhance customer experiences.


02. How does the Temi robot work in the retail sector?

In the retail sector, the Temi robot operates as a helpful assistant, providing information, guiding customers, and facilitating interactions. It uses sensors and cameras to navigate through the store, avoiding obstacles and identifying people. Through voice commands or touch screen interaction, customers can communicate with the robot and ask for assistance.


03. What can the Temi robot do in a retail store?

The Temi robot in a retail store can perform a range of tasks. It can provide information about products, store promotions, and locations within the store. It can guide customers to specific sections or products. The robot can also process payment transactions and issue receipts. Additionally, it can engage in simple conversations, answer frequently asked questions, and offer personalized recommendations.


04. How can the Temi robot improve the retail experience in the UAE?

The Temi robot enhances the retail experience in the UAE by offering personalized and efficient assistance to customers. It can provide instant access to information, reducing the need to search for staff or wait in queues. The robot's ability to speak multiple languages, including Arabic and English, caters to the diverse population in the UAE, ensuring effective communication with customers. Overall, it offers a unique and innovative shopping experience.


05. Can the Temi robot replace human employees in retail stores?

The Temi robot is designed to complement human employees rather than replace them. While it can handle certain tasks independently, such as providing information and guiding customers, it cannot replace the human touch and expertise. Human employees are essential for more complex customer interactions, addressing specific needs, and delivering personalized service.


06. Is the Temi robot safe to use in a retail environment?

Yes, the Temi robot is designed with safety in mind. It is equipped with sensors that enable it to detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring it moves around the store without causing harm or disruption. Additionally, the robot's programming includes safety protocols to prevent accidents and minimize any potential risks.


07. How is customer data handled by the Temi robot in the retail sector?

The Temi robot is programmed to respect customer privacy and handle data securely. It does not retain any personal information or store customer data. Conversations and interactions with the robot are typically not recorded or stored. However, it's always advisable to check with the specific retail store or business using the robot to understand their data privacy policies.


08. Can the Temi robot be customized for specific retail businesses in the UAE?

Yes, the Temi robot can be customized to suit the specific needs and branding of retail businesses in the UAE. It can be programmed with store-specific information, logos, and promotions. Customizing the robot ensures that it aligns with the unique requirements and enhances the overall brand experience for customers.


09. How easy is it for retail store staff to operate and maintain the Temi robot?

The Temi robot is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Store staff can be trained to handle basic operations, such as initiating the robot, setting up routes, and accessing simple troubleshooting features. The robot's maintenance requirements are minimal, mainly involving regular charging and ensuring the sensors and cameras are clean and functioning properly.


10. Are there any limitations to the Temi robot's capabilities in the retail sector?

While the Temi robot offers numerous benefits, it does have some limitations. It may face challenges in crowded environments or navigating through complex store layouts. The robot's ability to understand and respond to highly nuanced or complex queries may be limited. Additionally, the robot's effectiveness depends on its programming and the availability and accuracy of the information it is provided with.

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