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EngView Systems Sofia JSC is a software company that specializes in developing packaging and display design software. It is a part of the Sirma Group, which is a Bulgarian company that provides software engineering, IT consulting, and outsourcing services.

Jacky’s has its head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, operating in the UAE since 1985. Jacky’s partners with Engview System Sofia JSC to offer customers in the Middle East the latest EngView CAD/CAM solution for structural design and preproduction of boxes and POP/POS displays. EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is a comprehensive software solution for packaging and display design that can help designers streamline their workflow and improve their design output.

The latest Version 8 is available for Mac and Windows with cloud Shared Space AND GLB EXPORT TO 3D RENDERING SOFTWARE.

Area of use

EngView Packaging Suite can be used in various industries related to packaging design and manufacturing. The typical workflow involves creating 2D and 3D packaging designs, generating prototypes, and ensuring that the designs are suitable for mass production. The CAD/CAM technology in the software aids in precise design and seamless integration with manufacturing processes.

Some of the industries where this type of software is typically applied include:

  • Food and Beverage Packaging: EngView Packaging Suite can be used to design packaging for various food and beverage products, including boxes, cartons, labels, and more.
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging: In the pharmaceutical industry, precise and compliant packaging is crucial. EngView can aid in the design of pharmaceutical packaging that meets regulatory standards.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care: Packaging design is important in the cosmetics industry to attract customers. EngView can help in creating visually appealing and functional packaging for cosmetic products.
  • Consumer Electronics: Products in the electronics industry often require custom packaging to ensure protection during transportation and to enhance the product’s market appeal.
  • Retail and Point-of-Sale Displays: EngView Packaging Suite can be used to design retail packaging and displays that catch the consumer’s eye and optimize shelf space.
  • Automotive Packaging: The automotive industry may use packaging solutions for spare parts, accessories, and other components. EngView can assist in creating packaging that meets the specific requirements of the automotive sector.
  • E-commerce Packaging: With the growth of online shopping, there is an increased demand for packaging solutions suitable for e-commerce. EngView can be utilized for designing packaging that is both protective and cost-effective for shipping.
  • Industrial Packaging: EngView can be applied in industries that require specialized and sturdy packaging for industrial products and equipment.


Engview Designer Standard Version 8


To keep up to date with the new technology in our everyday life the packaging industry needs to change and meet the challenges of modern times like getting virtual. Extending the workflow into the 3D rendering software and creating whole scenes using packaging, display or furniture structures designed with EngView is now possible. Today you can write an email or even pay with your phone, why not see, and approve a 3D design from your mobile device? This new version opens the door to many more possibilities!

The EngView libraries have been expanded by a total of 374 designs and structures — 315 in Packaging and 59 in Displays and Furniture. FEFCO’s recently released new codes are made parametric and available in our library. We have also created a section in the library for paired designs that ensure less layout waste.

You know it often happens that big marketing campaigns require advertisement and video content prepared in advance, before the packaging of the product is produced and even before the product itself has been produced. So, all billboards, digital and video ads need to be prepared based on the 3D models and visualization. Now you can export the 3D model in a billboard quality resolution. When exporting to the file formats Web3D, Collada, glTF/GLB, PDF, U3D, you can now set the artwork quality to up to 16K.

A lot of the commercials we see on TV now have 3D rendered content. Designers create whole scenes and now they can easily import 3D models of the packaging, displays and furniture they have created in EngVew software. With Version 8 we made the connection between EngView and 3D rendering software as Blender and 3Ds Max. We can now export GLB and GLTF files. Our goal is to achieve the same quality and feel of the 3D models in EngVIew and in the 3D rendering software.

EngView Package & Display Designer introduces Shared Space for easy sharing of packaging designs with colleagues and customers for approval. With a just a click the designer can upload the 3D project in the cloud and share the web link the customer by an automatically generated email. I am sure you will enjoy the simplicity of this!

This new feature of the 3D module intends to focus the customer’s attention on specific design elements. It could be the locking system, unique material used, or finishing effects like spot varnish or emboss. Now we can attract the customer’s attention to the right design element. They will not be distracted by the sequence of steps. On the contrary, they will be charmed by the slick motion of the camera focusing the viewer’s attention on the right spot.

Folding the structure in 3D is time consuming. Yes, we have made tremendous steps to facilitate that task for the packaging designers, but when we need to fold edges, it still requires calculations or numerous adjustments. Not anymore! Now we can easily fold neighboring edges and parallel edges without calculations. You will be amazed how easy it is.

With version 8 we go one step further to optimizing the files for production by resolving the bleed conflicts. Thanks to our enhanced integration with Adobe® Illustrator®., designers can now complete their workflow: prepare the structure and layout in EngView, add graphics, and multiply the design over the layout in Illustrator® to finally have a production file ready to send to the printing machine. The new bleed resolution functionality notifies designers of bleed conflicts and gives options to resolving the issues.

You can now import files of the CorelDRAW format (.cdr) and using a larger number of options to tell EngView what to import and how. You can set rules for importing line types and associating them to EngView styles.

How do we use Engview version 8 for time saving?

EngView is a packaging design software that offers a range of tools to streamline the packaging design process. Here are some tips for using EngView version 8 to save time:

  • Use templates: EngView offers a range of pre-designed templates for various packaging types. You can save time by using these templates as a starting point for your design, rather than starting from scratch.
  • Automate tasks: EngView has several automation tools, such as automatic die-line creation, that can help you save time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Utilize the 3D visualization tools: EngView’s 3D visualization tools allow you to create realistic product mockups, which can save time by helping you visualize your design before physically prototyping it.
  • Collaborate with team members: EngView’s collaboration features allow team members to work on the same project simultaneously. This can save time by reducing the need for back-and-forth communication and allowing team members to work on their respective parts of the project simultaneously.


Increase your productivity and efficiency.

EngView version 8 offers a range of tools and features to help streamline the packaging design process. By utilizing these tools effectively, you can increase your productivity and efficiency.

changes to the algorithms used in the software to speed up the calculation process and added new features to make tasks easier and faster to complete. EngView  EngView version 8 has built-in measurement and calculation tools that can help you save time by automating calculations and ensuring accuracy.

Better use of Human resources with EngView Version 8

Version 8 of EngView comes with several features that can help companies better utilize their human resources.

One of the most significant ways that EngView Version 8 can help is by improving collaboration and communication between team members. The software allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, with real-time updates and notifications. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors or duplications.

EngView Version 8 also includes advanced automation tools, which can help streamline many of the repetitive tasks involved in packaging and product design. This can free up human resources to focus on more complex and creative aspects of the project, such as ideation, prototyping, and testing.

The software also includes advanced analytics and reporting features, which can help managers and team leaders track performance metrics and identify areas for improvement. By using these tools, companies can optimize their workflows and allocate resources more effectively, leading to better results and higher levels of productivity.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with us to have a full demonstration of the new features and improvements of the EngView Packaging Suite version 8. For more information contact Benson@cuttingedge.solutions or call +971 56 977 2117


EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is CAD/CAM software for 2D & 3D structural design of packaging and POP displays from folding carton, corrugated board, and rigid board.

Packaging Suite is CAD/CAM software for 2D & 3D structural design of packaging and POP displays from folding carton, corrugated board, and rigid board. The suite consists of libraries of parametric designs readily available for quick modification and finalization of package design and for further steps like printing and productions.

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