QMS (Queue Management System)

QMS (Queue Management System)

The Queue Management System is a user-friendly solution for efficient visitor management in public offices. It offers intuitive control for both visitors and staff. The intelligent system includes dashboards and reports for daily, monthly, and periodic analysis, aiding management in evaluating counter staff performance and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. It boosts productivity, efficiency, and service quality while minimizing serving time, ultimately improving customer experience.

Jacky’s Business Solutions is one of the biggest suppliers of queue management systems in UAE providing advanced queueing solution from more than past two decades, assisting organizations of any size improve their customer flow by managing queues for basic as well as complex needs. Our commitment is to ensure the implementation of tailored and best fit advanced queue solutions according to the organization’s needs. This is possible by managing the customer flow from pre-arrival to post-services using intelligent queue system mannerism techniques.
Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC is the authorized representative and supplier of the QMS brand by GMS (General Microsystems) – Malaysia.

Area of use

Enhance public service efficiency with Jacky’s Smart Queue Management System. Our solution aligns with the vision of Smart UAE, offering seamless digital experiences for government sectors in UAE, Oman, and Pakistan.

Key Features:

  • Reduce Waiting Time: Streamline customer queues for faster and fair service delivery.
  • Integration with Student Management System: Efficiently manage student-related services.
  • Emirates ID Enabled: Seamlessly integrate with Emirates ID for enhanced identification.
  • E-Ticket and Appointments: Facilitate convenient pre-arrival processes.
  • Useful Statistical and Forecast Reporting: Gain insights for better resource planning.


  • Aligned with UAE PMO Happiness Meter.
  • Proven success in UAE, Middle East, and Pakistan.
  • Multi-channel services integration for a comprehensive customer journey.

Transform your public service experience. Inquire for Proof of Concept (POC) and explore case studies of our widespread implementations in the public sector.

Jacky’s offers a tailored Queue Management System designed for the unique demands of the healthcare industry. Our solution optimizes patient flow, reduces waiting times, and enhances the overall experience across various healthcare facilities such as Hospitals, Primary healthcare centers, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Specialized healthcare centers, Clinics, Medical centers, and Preventive medicine centers.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Patient Flow: Our system ensures a smooth patient journey from entry to service delivery, minimizing anxiety and wait times.
  • Personalized Service: Fine-tuned waiting areas and directed patient movements lead to hassle-free and personalized service, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Track and analyze key events such as service times, wait time exceptions, peak traffic, queue lengths, and performance metrics for staff members.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with Health Information Systems (HIS/HIMS) for an organized patient journey from registration to consultation, cashier, and pharmacy.
  • Streamlined Record Keeping: Provides doctors and nurses with the ability to call patients directly within the HIS application, simplifying record tracking for payment and dispensing purposes.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Handles walk-in and appointment patients at various departments, including OPDs, patient registration, vitals, doctor rooms, cashiers, pharmacies, laboratories, radiology, and related areas.

Choose Jacky’s Queue Management System to transform and digitize healthcare processes, ensuring a patient-centric approach and optimizing operational efficiency.

Educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities are often crowded in various administration areas at the time of admissions each semester/year. The situation is similar in the fee collection area at the beginning of each month The queue management system (QMS) manages and organizes the queue in the uniform section, admission section, books and stationary distribution, cashier service and other administrative sections inside the academic premises. Our queue management system for education institutes can be integrated with students’ management application. This can improve the operational processes, increase efficiency, and assist in managing students’ journeys while meeting all budgetary requirements. Are you looking for Queue Management System for education sector in UAE, Oman, or Pakistan? Please inquire for POC and case studies of our widespread implementation of Queue Management Systems in educational sectors in UAE, ME and Pakistan.

A Queue Management System (QMS) in the telecom sector streamlines customer service by efficiently managing queues and improving customer experience. It optimizes customer flow, reduces wait times, and enhances service efficiency. Through features like ticketing, virtual queuing, and real-time monitoring, a QMS enables telecom providers to prioritize tasks, allocate resources effectively, and ensure a seamless customer journey, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The queue management system is a crucial tool in the banking sector, enhancing customer experience and enhancing their overall journey. It can be integrated with core banking and banking CRM to personalize the customer’s journey from pre-arrival to post-services. The system uses customer information to determine priority and populate the Teller/CSR screen. Customers can request token numbers via SMS for reminders. The system also features a customer feedback system for lead generation, with instant alerts and ratings tied to actual customers. The touch screen terminals display targeted promotional materials and VIP queueing solutions for VIPs.


Centralized control, monitoring, and reporting

Corporate QMS centrally manages branch systems, consolidating data into a web-based interface, and integrates with multi-channel applications for comprehensive control and reporting.

Web based solution

web-based system that allows remote monitoring, reporting, maintenance, and control, with no software installation required, enabling easier future software upgrades.

Real time queue status

The Corporate QMS provides real-time queue status information for branches, including counters opened, tickets issued, waiting times, serving times, and average waiting times, which can be filtered by branch group

Online dashboard

Live dashboards customize to user selection, featuring Q-Widgets like Average Waiting Time Gauge, Target Waiting Time Monitor Gauge, and Queue Information, configured according to selected branches and services.

Self service kiosk and touch screen ticket printer

The self-service kiosk and touch screen ticket printer offer queueing, form filling, priority level identification, barcode and QR code reading, suitable for reception desks, emergency departments, corridors, and small money exchange centers.

Special appointment booking

The appointment system allows customers to book appointments for convenient times, allowing them to visit the branch on their scheduled time, and can be integrated with multichannel applications and third-party booking systems.

Integration and customization

The queue system offers flexibility in customization and integration, allowing for customization at any stage. It features built-in web APIs for various queueing modules, enabling integration with third-party applications like POS, HIS, HIMS, UAE PMO happiness meter, and digital signage.

Green ticket (paperless queue ticket)

Green tickets are digital queue tickets obtained via multichannel platforms. The queue management system integrates with platforms for electronic ticketing, online appointment booking, and customer surveys. It also offers a digital customer experience, streamlining the journey from pre-arrival to post-service feedback, and notifying customers about wait times and ticket status.

Integrated customer feedback solution

Our queue management system incorporates a centralized customer feedback system, providing instant alerts and ratings, and easy-to-use touch screen terminals for targeted promotional materials and cross-selling features.

Equipped with special features for people of determination

The queue management system has special features and setup for people of determination. The solution is equipped both in hardware and software modules facilitating queues for people of determination.

Customer identification

Our intelligent queue management system efficiently manages various customer types and priorities using smart cards, employee IDs, phone numbers, and registration numbers, including UAE IDs for senior citizens and ladies.

Interactive reports

Interactive reports is the advanced analysis tool allowing the user to view branch queue performance, drill down the information and sort data based on different KPIs.

Report designer

The queue system offers over 52 standard reports daily, monthly, periodical, and yearly, and allows users to design their own reports by selecting desired QMS metrics and groupings.

Wireless (Wi fi) support

All the hardware equipment such as ticket printer, touch screen ticket machine, kiosks, counter display, calling terminals, customer feedback devices etc. have dual connectivity capability i.e. Ethernet/Wi fi.

Multilanguage support

The QMS has multi-language support for all its modules.

Automatic service optimization

The QMS has automatic service optimization feature that can be enabled during the day queue operation at the branch. This feature is based on the AI in queue management system.

Queue prediction

Historical queue data can be used for forecast reporting, predicting branch performance during different timings or festive periods, and predicting counter staff changes for different services.

Content management with centralized digital signage solution

Our queue management system features centralized content management, allowing users to manage ticket printers, customer feedback devices, LCD counter displays, and digital signage players, with a designer-friendly scheduler and track tool.


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The Queue Management System is used in any organization where the public dealing is involved. The QMS use cases for few of the possible sectors are:

  • Government/Public
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Telecom
  • Finance

A Queue Management System is crucial in the Government sector as it helps streamline service delivery, improve customer satisfaction, optimize resource allocation, and ensure a fair and organized process for citizens interacting with various government departments.

A Queue Management System typically involves the use of digital tools such as kiosks, mobile applications, and display screens. Customers can request services, receive tickets, and track their queue position through these systems. Government staff can monitor queues, manage resources, and efficiently call customers for service.

Yes, many Queue Management Systems in the Government sector offer remote access options. Citizens can often book appointments, join virtual queues, or request services through online portals or mobile applications.

A Queue Management System works by assigning each student or visitor a unique ticket or identifier upon arrival. They can then monitor their position in the queue through digital displays or mobile notifications. The system directs individuals to the appropriate service counters or areas, ensuring a smooth and organized flow.

Students and visitors can access the Queue Management System through various channels, such as self-service kiosks, mobile applications, websites, or even by interacting with dedicated staff members who manage the system.

A Queue Management System is a technology solution used by telecom providers in the UAE to efficiently manage customer queues and improve the overall customer experience.

Some key benefits of using a Queue Management System in the telecom sector include reducing waiting times, improving customer satisfaction, optimizing staff resources, providing transparency in queue management, and enabling efficient service allocation.

A Queue Management System typically involves the use of digital signage, self-service kiosks, and queue management software. Customers can enter their details into the system and receive a ticket or be assigned a virtual queue number. They can then monitor their position in the queue through digital displays or mobile notifications.

Yes, many Queue Management Systems in the telecom sector provide remote access options. Customers can often access the system through mobile applications or online portals to join queues, schedule appointments, or receive updates on their queue status.

By streamlining the customer flow, a Queue Management System helps reduce waiting times in telecom sector establishments. Customers are assigned queue numbers or appointments, enabling them to wait comfortably or return at a designated time for service, eliminating the need for physical queues.

Yes, Queue Management Systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of various sector establishments. The system can be tailored to incorporate various service types, prioritize certain customer segments, and align with the organization’s branding and workflow.

A Queue Management System improves the customer experience by reducing waiting times, providing clear queue information, offering personalized services, enabling self-service options, and ensuring efficient service allocation based on customer needs.

Yes, Queue Management Systems often come with built-in analytics and reporting features. These tools provide valuable insights into customer traffic, service performance, wait times, customer behavior, and overall operational efficiency, enabling telecom providers to make data-driven decisions.

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