K3 Facade Cleaning Robot

K3 Facade Cleaning Robot

The appearance of our intelligent curtain wall cleaning robot has changed the traditional cleaning way in the industry, avoided the occurrence of aerial operation acci-dents, solved the problems of high risk, low efficiency, difficult labor and secondary pollution of manual cleaning with the cleaning efficiency more than 3 times higher than manual cleaning, without external water pipe, air pipe and power supply, and the operation is easy and convenient.

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Area of use

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of large glass facades in shopping complexes, ensuring a pristine and visually appealing environment.

Efficiently clean and maintain elevated glass surfaces, contributing to a safer and cleaner transit hub for passengers.

Elevate the cleanliness and appearance of high-rise hotel buildings, providing a sparkling exterior for an enhanced guest experience.

Streamline the maintenance process of tall office structures, promoting a professional and well-maintained corporate image.


  • Safer

    Curtain wall cleaning personnel do not need to work high above the ground, remote control can realize curtain wall cleaning. Equipped with an emergency safety system, in case of emergency, the emergency safety device will be started automatically, and it will return to the original point of operation with the rope after stopping oper- ation, with double guarantee and high safety.

  • More Productivity

    Real 100+ project data calculation, robot single machine daily cleaning up to 1200-2000m'; The equipment can go straight up and down without turning around. Robot cleaning efficiency is at least 3 times higher than manual cleaning efficiency.

  • More energy-saving

    Separate battery design, 2 batteries can last 24 hours of work. The robot uses about 20L of water per day to clean the wall, compared to traditional manual cleaning, which requires more than 1 ton of water and saves more than 100 times the water consumption than manual cleaning of a 100-meter building.

  • Save environment!

    Sewage recovery and filtration system, up to 98% of the sewage can be recovered. No add chemical cleaning agent, tap water can be cleaned to avoid secondary pollution of the greenery around the scene, while avoiding damage to the glass curtain wall adhesive.


  • Version: 3rd Generation Robot
  • Size: 1377*1000*288mm
  • Weight: 67KG
  • Load-bearing capacity: 1500KG (safety rope)
  • Working height: 600m
  • Operating slope: 0~90°
  • Barrier crossing ability: 0mm
  • Crawling speed: 0.2m/s
  • cleaning efficiency: 720 m2 /h
  • Cleaning surface width:1000mm
  • Power supply mode: built-in battery (48V 51AH)
  • Endurance time:3H/Battery (±30%)
  • Withstand temperature: -10°C~45°C
  • Waterproof level: IP64.
  • Water supply mode: built-in water circulation tank (9L)
  • Power failure protection: Self-locking device
  • Applicable scenes: pure flat glass/ pure flat smooth stone
  • Cleaning components: Yes
  • Control equipment: Yes.


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The robot eliminates the need for personnel to work at dangerous heights, operating remotely with an emergency safety system for added protection.

The robot can clean up to 1200-2000 square meters per day, with a cleaning efficiency at least three times higher than traditional manual methods.

The robot features a sewage recovery and filtration system, recovering up to 98% of sewage, using minimal water (20L per day), and avoiding the use of chemical cleaning agents for a greener approach.

Yes, the robot is suitable for pure flat glass and pure flat smooth stone surfaces, providing versatility in its application.

The robot has a separate battery design, with each battery lasting up to 24 hours of work, offering a reliable and efficient cleaning solution.

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