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Peppermint Cleaning Robot is an autonomous cleaning solution by Peppermint Robotics, Company which Designs, Develops and Deploys Robots for commercial and industrial applications like – Commercial Cleaning Robots, Material Handling Robots, and Special Purpose Robots. Their lineup includes the SD20, a compact robot ideal for versatile floor scrubbing. The SD45 Gen2 is perfect for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene daily, while the SD100 offers fully autonomous cleaning for commercial and industrial spaces, ensuring efficient results.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC has partnered with Peppermint Robotics to introduce their autonomous cleaning robots to the UAE and Middle East growing market. Contact Jacky’s team at or call +971 4 3388900 to book a demo and discover how Peppermint’s cleaning robots can benefit your business.

Floor Cleaning Robots Range

Cleaning Robots – SD20

Robotic Scrubber Dryer

Cleaning Robots – SD45

Robotic Scrubber Dryer

Cleaning Robots – SD100

Robotic Scrubber Dryer

Area of use

  • Ideal for maintaining cleanliness in airport terminals, hangars, and aircraft.
  • Customizable cleaning modes for different areas like lounges, gates, and baggage handling areas.

Benefits of Cleaning Automation at Airport Facilities

Efficiency and Time Savings

Consistent Cleaning Standards

Data driven operations.

Adaptability to Varied Surfaces

Boost to public perception

  • Perfect for cleaning office buildings, shopping malls, and retail spaces.
  • Intelligent coverage system ensures thorough cleaning of large areas efficiently.
  • Versatile productivity features cater to the diverse cleaning needs of commercial properties

Efficiency and Time Savings

Consistent Cleaning Standards

Data driven operations.

Adaptability to Varied Surfaces

Boost to public perception

  • Ensures hygienic cleaning in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and cleanrooms.
  • Customizable water flow and brush RPM for maintaining cleanliness standards in sensitive environments.

Benefits of Cleaning Automation at Healthcare & Pharma Facilities

Improved infection control & safety

Compliance with Regulations

Data driven operations.

Resource optimization

Boost to public perception

  • Suitable for cleaning industrial floors in factories, warehouses, and production areas.
  • Multi brushes for different floor types ensure effective cleaning of various surfaces like epoxy, granite, and RCC.

Benefits of Cleaning Automation at Manufacturing Facilities

Increased Efficiency

Enhanced Worker Safety

Data driven operations.

Compliance with Regulations

Boost to public perception


  • Intelligent Cleaning Technology

    Incorporates patented technology for efficient and effective cleaning. Adaptable behavior based on floor types and cleaning requirements.

  • Versatile Productivity Features

    Designed to meet daily cleaning and deep cleaning needs in commercial and industrial settings. Customizable cleaning modes for different environments and floor conditions.

  • Easy Operation and Maintenance

    User-friendly interface for easy operation. Simple maintenance procedures for longevity and reliability.

  • Optimized Battery Backup

    Long-lasting battery life with up to 8 hours of backup. Smart Battery Management System (BMS) ensures optimal battery health and longevity.

  • Obstacle Avoidance

    Equipped with intelligent sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. Able to autonomously navigate and find alternate routes for uninterrupted cleaning.

  • Multi-Mode Functionality

    Offers autonomous, remote-controlled, and manual operation modes for flexibility. Suitable for use even in environments without internet connectivity.

  • Customizable Cleaning Parameters

    Adjustable water flow, brush RPM, and robot speed for tailored cleaning. Ensures optimal cleaning performance for different floor surfaces.

  • Cloud-Connected Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of cleaning progress and robot health via a cloud-connected dashboard. Enables remote management of multiple robots from any location.

  • Modular and Efficient Design

    Modular platform design for easy maintenance and serviceability. Efficient layout and construction for reliability and durability.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    Supported by Peppermint 3S Centres for prompt assistance and service. Ensures ongoing support and assistance for users across different regions.



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Peppermint Robotics offers a range of cleaning robots including the SD20, SD45, and SD100, each designed for different cleaning needs and capacities.

Our cleaning robots feature intelligent cleaning technology, versatile productivity features, easy operation and maintenance, optimized battery backup, obstacle avoidance, multi-mode functionality, customizable cleaning parameters, cloud-connected monitoring, modular design, and dedicated customer support.

Peppermint’s cleaning robots are ideal for industries such as aviation, commercial real estate, healthcare & pharma facilities, and manufacturing.

Cleaning automation at airport facilities offers efficiency and time savings, consistent cleaning standards, data-driven operations, adaptability to varied surfaces, and a boost to public perception.

Commercial real estate can benefit from Peppermint’s cleaning automation solutions through efficiency and time savings, consistent cleaning standards, data-driven operations, adaptability to varied surfaces, and a boost to public perception.

Healthcare & pharma facilities benefit from improved infection control & safety, compliance with regulations, data-driven operations, resource optimization, and a boost to public perception.

Cleaning automation enhances manufacturing facilities by increasing efficiency, enhancing worker safety, enabling data-driven operations, ensuring compliance with regulations, and boosting public perception.

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