Jacky’s Business Solutions Adds Peppermint Cleaning Robots to Portfolio

Jacky’s Business Solutions has partnered with Peppermint Robotics, to introduce an innovative range of autonomous cleaning robots to the region. These advanced robots are designed to revolutionise commercial and industrial cleaning with their intelligent technology, adapting to various floor types and cleaning requirements for optimal performance.

Peppermint’s robots offer versatile features suitable for daily maintenance and deep cleaning tasks. Their user-friendly interface and simple maintenance procedures ensure easy operation, while an optimised battery management system extends battery life. Equipped with intelligent sensors, these robots provide safe and efficient cleaning by avoiding obstacles. They support autonomous, remote-controlled, and manual operation modes, offering flexibility for different cleaning scenarios. Additionally, real-time monitoring via a cloud-connected dashboard allows remote management of multiple robots, enhancing operational efficiency.

The introduction of Peppermint’s autonomous cleaning robots represents a significant leap in cleaning technology. With their intelligent features, versatile productivity options, and ease of maintenance, these robots provide a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness in various settings.

Designed to meet the needs of multiple industries, Peppermint’s robots excel in aviation, keeping airport terminals, hangars, and aircraft spotless. In commercial real estate, they efficiently clean office buildings, shopping malls, and retail spaces. They ensure stringent hygiene standards in healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, making them ideal for laboratories and cleanrooms. Manufacturing facilities benefit from their multi-brush system, effectively cleaning different floor types.

The Peppermint lineup includes the SD20, SD45, and SD100 models, each tailored to specific needs. Manoj Ganapathy, Division Manager for VMS and Robotics at Jacky’s Business Solutions, stated, “We are excited to bring these innovative robots to the UAE and the Middle East. Businesses across the region will benefit greatly from the enhanced efficiency, consistent cleaning standards, and overall improved cleanliness that Peppermint’s robots provide. We are committed to bringing the latest technological advancements to the UAE, ensuring our clients always have access to the best tools and solutions for their business needs.”

To discover how Peppermint’s cleaning robots can transform your cleaning processes, contact our team at vms.sales@www.jackys.com to book a demo today and experience firsthand the future of autonomous cleaning.

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