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Zünd Cutting Systems are high-tech flatbed cutting systems used for precision cutting and finishing various materials such as textiles, foam, plastic, wood, and metal. It makes use of cutting processes like routing, scoring, creasing, and laser cutting, making it a versatile solution for various industries such as packaging, graphics, composites, leather, and textiles. The machine is known for its high-speed cutting capabilities, accuracy, and productivity, making it an ideal choice for businesses with high-volume cutting requirements.

Jacky’s has its headoffice in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Operating in the UAE since 1985. Partner with Zund, sells and services the Zund Cutters across Middle East and several North African countries namely Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Morocco.

Area of use

Below are just a few examples of the diverse industrial applications of Zünd Cutting Systems, showcasing their adaptability and effectiveness across different sectors.

  • Zünd cutting machines are widely used in the packaging industry for precise cutting of cardboard, corrugated board, and other packaging materials.


  • They can cut intricate designs for packaging boxes, displays, inserts, and other packaging components with high accuracy.

  • In the textile industry, Zünd cutters are used for fabric cutting, including cutting patterns, prototypes, and custom designs.


  •  They are capable of handling a wide range of fabrics, from delicate materials like silk to heavy-duty textiles like canvas and denim.

  •  Zünd cutting systems are utilized in the automotive sector for cutting materials such as leather, fabric, foam, and composite materials.


  • They are employed in the production of car interiors, upholstery, seat covers, gaskets, and various interior components with precise cutting and trimming requirements.

  •  Aerospace manufacturers use Zünd cutting machines for cutting composite materials, such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and Kevlar, used in aircraft and spacecraft construction.


  • These machines ensure accurate cutting of composite panels, insulation materials, gaskets, and other components required for aerospace applications.

  • Zünd cutting systems are essential in the signage and graphics industry for cutting materials like vinyl, foam boards, acrylics, and aluminum composites.


  • They enable the production of customized signs, displays, lettering, and graphics with intricate designs and precise edges.

  • Zünd cutters are employed in the furniture manufacturing sector for cutting various materials used in furniture production, including wood, foam, leather, and upholstery fabrics.


  • They facilitate the cutting of furniture components, upholstery pieces, cushions, and decorative elements with high accuracy and efficiency.

  • In the footwear industry, Zünd cutting machines are used for cutting leather, synthetic materials, and textile fabrics to create shoe uppers, insoles, linings, and various components of footwear.


  • They ensure precise cutting of intricate patterns and designs, meeting the demanding requirements of footwear manufacturing.

  •  Zünd cutting systems find applications in the medical sector for cutting materials used in medical device manufacturing, such as foam, plastics, textiles, and adhesives.


  • They are utilized in producing medical packaging, cushioning materials, wound dressings, orthopedic supports, and prosthetic components with high precision and consistency.


What Zund Cutting System offer?

  • Modular design: Can be customized to meet specific cutting requirements.
  • Versatile cutting capabilities: Can cut fabric, acrylic, creasing, or perforating.
  • Tailored automation: Offers automation solutions for every step of the workflow.
  • High precision cutting: Features advanced cutting technology for clean edges and accurate cuts.
  • User-friendly: User-friendly interface simplifies the cutting process.
  • Fast cutting speeds: Can cut at high speeds for efficient production and quick turnaround times.
  • Compatibility with industry software: Compatible with CAD and CAM software for seamless integration.
  •  Expandable: Can be customized with additional modules and tools.
  • Safe investment and value retention: Innovative technology, robust construction, and minimal downtime ensure low maintenance costs and high reliability.
  • Reliable from A to Z: Swiss quality in design and build, resulting in highly robust and durable cutters.

Types Of Zund Cutter

 Which Zünd Cutter suits you best?

G3 cutter

Uncompromising performance and precision

S3 cutter

Design for maximum speed

D3 cutter

Dual-beam system sets new standards in production at an industrial level

L3 cutter

the ergonomic solution for leather cutting

Software solutions that work for you

Zünd Connect

The Zünd Connect monitoring tool helps users recognize potential areas for optimizing the digital cutting process.


Acting as control center for generating print & cut files, PrimeCenter helps create an efficient and productive prepress workflow.

Zünd PreCut Center

The PreCut Center – ZPC lets you create nested job files simply and efficiently


Modular software components for your specific requirements

Zünd Cut Center

Zünd Cut Center software facilitates every aspect of the production workflow - file import - production planning - cutting data optimization - cutting system management - production monitoring and process control.

Zünd Design Center

Zünd Design Center is an Adobe® Illustrator® plug-in for creating single- and multi-part packaging and three-dimensional POP/POS displays


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Zünd Cutting Systems cater to a diverse range of industries in the UAE, Middle East, and GCC countries, including packaging, textiles, automotive, aerospace, signage and graphics, furniture, footwear, and medical. These systems offer precise cutting solutions for various materials used in these industries, enhancing productivity and quality.

Zünd Cutting Systems offer modular designs, versatile cutting capabilities, and high precision cutting, making them ideal for businesses with diverse cutting requirements. Whether it’s packaging, textiles, automotive upholstery, signage, or medical applications, these systems ensure efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of businesses in the region.

Jacky’s, with its headquarters in Dubai, has been serving the UAE since 1985 and partners with Zünd to sell and service Zünd Cutters across the Middle East and several North African countries. Their services include sales consultation, installation, training, maintenance, and technical support, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of Zünd Cutting Systems for businesses in the region.

Yes, Zünd Cutting Systems are compatible with CAD and CAM software commonly used in industries across the UAE, Middle East, and GCC countries. This compatibility allows for seamless integration into existing workflows, facilitating efficient production processes and maximizing the capabilities of the cutting systems.

Zünd Connect and PrimeCenter are software solutions designed to optimize the digital cutting process. Zünd Connect provides monitoring tools to identify areas for optimization, while PrimeCenter acts as a control center for generating print and cut files, streamlining prepress workflows. By leveraging these tools, businesses can enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in their digital cutting operations.

Zünd Cutting Systems are known for their Swiss quality design and build, resulting in highly robust and durable cutters. With features such as tailored automation, fast cutting speeds, and compatibility with industry software, these systems offer businesses in the UAE and the Middle East a safe investment with high value retention. Minimal downtime, low maintenance costs, and reliable performance ensure uninterrupted operations and long-term profitability.

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