Spira Power Gasket Company Revolutionises Gasket Production with Zund G3 Cutter

Jacky’s Business Solutions sister company, Cutting Edge Solutions, has delivered the state-of-the-art Zund G3 cutter to Spira Power Gasket Company in Abu Dhabi. This installation marks the addition of a third Zund cutter to Spira Power’s expanding fleet, reflecting the growing demand for seals and gaskets in the oil and gas sector.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Adding the flagship G3 Cutter to Spira Power’s existing six S3 Cutters is a significant milestone, providing an unbeatable solution that integrates seamlessly into their production processes. The Zund G3 Cutter empowers Spira Power with unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to swiftly and economically cut non-metallic gaskets. This enhancement significantly reduces lead times, enabling rapid delivery and better service to their clients in the industry.

Benson Mathew, Product Manager at Cutting Edge added, “This latest installation in Spira Power is a testament to our commitment to supporting a crucial market for the global oil and gas industries, reducing dependence on third party suppliers and imports, reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the quality of the final parts.”

Maximum Performance

Zund cutters are designed for automated digital cutting of a broad range of composites. They offer robust, cost-effective, and expandable cutting and material handling solutions. Whether you aim to automate your cutting processes or invest in powerful, future-proof technology, Zund has an automation solution for every customer, every requirement, and every budget.For more information on how Zund Digital Cutters can streamline your production and handle various composites for the gaskets and sealing industry, reach out to our team at support@cuttingedge.solutions.

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