Pepper Robot

Pepper Robot

Humanoid robots such as SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper and NAO are experiencing rapid market growth due to their enhancement capabilities and widespread applicability. These human-like robots provide social assistance, automate tasks, and increase productivity, leading to cost savings. SoftBank Robotics, a global leader in robotics solutions, leads technological advancements with its engaging and friendly humanoid robots, which are used in more than 70 countries. Pepper serves as a versatile brand ambassador, elevating customer experiences across various industries.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC is one of Softbank Robotics’ pioneers in humanoid robot innovation and marketing in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain regions. In addition, Jacky’s is also an authorized service center that takes care of these robots in case of any malfunction in the area.

Area of use

Operational Streamlining: Pepper optimizes government and public sector efficiency by automating routine tasks, offering tailored support, and seamlessly integrating with established systems.
Security Reinforcement: The robot boosts security with facial recognition, aiding in access control and identity verification processes.
Public Involvement: Pepper actively involves citizens by addressing queries, offering information on government services, and fostering engagement.

Robotics and digital technology integration is becoming a public sector trend that governments throughout the world are embracing. By 2030, predictions point to higher productivity through automation. Teams in the public sector benefit greatly from the addition of Pepper, a humanoid service robot. Pepper frees up workers to concentrate on high-priority activities and tailored care by managing repetitive tasks. Pepper welcomes guests with a warm demeanor and nonjudgmental body language, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction while delivering exceptional services. Its comprehension and communication skills improve the public service experience as a whole.

Typical use cases of pepper in Government and Public sector



Service Provider

Visitor Identifier

Customer Survey Conductor


Enhanced Customer Engagement: Pepper, as an intelligent hospitality robot, actively engages with guests, providing personalized interactions by recognizing faces, remembering names, and understanding preferences. This heightened level of engagement fosters a positive and memorable experience for guests. 

Efficient Service Delivery: Pepper streamlines various hospitality services, from greeting customers and handling check-ins to making reservations and providing information about amenities. By automating repetitive tasks, Pepper not only boosts productivity but also reduces the workload on human staff, leading to more efficient service delivery. 

Real-time Customer Feedback: Pepper serves as a proactive tool for collecting real-time customer feedback. By promptly gathering insights and opinions during guests’ interactions, organizations can swiftly address any concerns or issues. This immediate response capability enhances customer satisfaction and allows for continuous improvement in service quality.

Typical use cases of pepper in Hospitality

Welcoming and greeting

Concierge services

Way finding and information

Brand promotion

Service and product selling

Customer Survey


Patient Assistance: Pepper serves as a valuable healthcare assistant, aiding patients with information, medication reminders, and appointment scheduling. 

Emotional Support: It provides emotional support to patients, especially in pediatric care, by offering companionship and distraction during medical procedures. 

Telemedicine: Pepper supports telemedicine by enabling remote consultations, reducing the need for physical contact in healthcare settings.

By increasing patient satisfaction, raising awareness of preventive treatment, and relieving administrative stress on medical staff, Pepper, the intelligent humanoid robot, transforms the healthcare sector. In a variety of healthcare settings, it manages appointments, gathers health information, and offers social companionship. Pepper is used as a companion and pain counselor in pediatric treatment, and it also provides happiness and health monitoring for senior citizens living in senior residences. As a telepresence robot, Pepper also makes it easier to monitor patients remotely, enabling doctors to offer guidance and patients to stay in touch with loved ones. This is especially helpful during pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak.

Typical use cases of pepper in healthcare

Health assistant



Patient data generator

Customer Survey


Educational Facilitator: Pepper is a useful teaching helper that helps teachers present STEAM subjects in an entertaining and dynamic way. 

Assistance for Students with Special Needs: Pepper provides individualized attention and communication support in the field of special needs education, meeting the needs of each student. 

Coding Companion: Pepper is essential to the teaching of coding because it imparts knowledge in an engaging and dynamic way, allowing students to find the process of learning pleasant and approachable.

Humanoid robots, especially Pepper and Nao, are expected to play an important role in future education and research. In the field of programming education, Pepper serves as a valuable tool, providing students with an accessible and fun way to practice and improve their programming skills. Humanoid robots, especially Pepper and Nao, are expected to play an important role in future education and research. As a social and interactive facilitator, Pepper engages students in fun activities that make learning fun and effective.

Typical use cases of pepper in Education

Teaching Assistant

Programming tool

Research platform

Special needs education


Institution Ambassador


Enhanced Customer Interaction: Pepper transforms the banking customer experience by providing product information, responding to requests, and making individualized suggestions to customers.

Streamlined Queue Management: Pepper contributes to efficient customer service by sending waiting tickets by SMS, streamlining the queuing process for a smoother experience through integration with Queue Management Systems.

Banking Product Promotion: As a proactive promoter, Pepper raises awareness of banking products such as credit cards, loans, and savings accounts, allowing clients to explore and engage with numerous financial services. 

Transform your financial customer experience with a cutting-edge bot that educates and recommends tailored solutions. Amid digital transformation, banks leverage robotics and AI to meet evolving customer expectations. Humanoid robots like Pepper reduce wait times, promote technology usage, and educate customers on products, enhancing overall branch operations and customer engagement.

Typical use cases of pepper in finance

Welcoming and greeting

Product Consultancy

Customer Survey

Queue Management


 Interactive Shopping Experience: Pepper engages with shoppers in a polite and natural manner, delivering product information and assistance to improve the entire shopping experience.

Efficient Inventory Insights: By collecting data on products and customer purchasing habits, Pepper helps companies streamline inventory management and increase operational efficiency.

Personalized Loyalty Services: Pepper manages loyalty programs, recognizes trends, and provides personalized discounts, effectively handling customer loyalty management.

Pepper, an interactive humanoid robot, is a retail innovation that has been embraced by major brands. Acting as a brand ambassador and sales representative, Pepper naturally engages customers using emotional intelligence to enhance the overall shopping experience. As the ultimate retail assistant, Pepper integrates with warehouse and CRM systems, providing instant product information and managing loyalty programs. It effectively collects information about products and customer buying habits, improves inventory management, and engages customers with quizzes and entertainment. Pepper’s versatility in customer interaction makes it an asset in increasing brand value and overall store efficiency.

Typical use cases of pepper in healthcare





Customer Survey



  • Pepper has its own built-in chatbot as a core module but also has the capability to be integrated with any other 3rd party chatbots.

  • It is multi-lingual, has speech recognition and dialogue available in more than 20 languages.

  • 20 joints and movements for natural, friendly gestures and animated movements

  • 3D Camera detects humans and environment, together with perception modules that read emotions and interact in real time with a person.

  • Multi-modes of interaction with touch sensors, microphones and LEDs

  • Infrared sensors, bumpers, an inertial unit, 2D and 3D cameras, and sonar for omnidirectional and autonomous navigation.

  • Easily adaptable with an open and fully programmable platform.


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Pepper Robot is a humanoid robot designed to interact with humans, understand emotions, and provide information or assistance.

Pepper humanoid robots from Softbank Robotics are designed to connect, assist, and share knowledge with humans while helping your business in the process. Pepper robots can be used in education sectors for research and development, students to learn robot programming, teaching assistant or help special needs students.

On the other hand, Pepper robots can be deployed in public sectors, retailhospitalityhealthcare, and corporate sectors as their brand ambassador to communicate effectively with their customers.

Pepper Robot is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and sensors that allow it to interpret facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice to respond appropriately.

Yes, Pepper Robot is programmed to speak multiple languages, including Arabic, to facilitate communication with citizens and visitors in the UAE.

Pepper Robot is designed to respect privacy and security. It does not store or retain personal data or sensitive information of individuals it interacts with.

Pepper Robot is used in various government settings in the UAE, such as customer service centers, public events, and information desks, to enhance interaction and improve efficiency.

Pepper Robot can be used in retail stores as a customer service assistant, providing information about products, offering personalized recommendations, and even processing payments.

Operating Pepper Robot effectively requires minimal training through simple instructions and guidelines provided by the robot’s manufacturer or supplier. The training typically focuses on basic commands, understanding the robot’s capabilities, and ensuring staff members can utilize its features to enhance guest experiences.

Pepper Robot is a humanoid robot that can benefit your hotel by enhancing the guest experience, providing efficient customer service, offering 24/7 availability, supporting multiple languages, engaging emotionally with guests, delivering consistent information, differentiating your brand, saving costs, creating upselling opportunities, and collecting valuable data for analysis and improvement.

Some benefits of using Pepper Robot in healthcare include improved patient experience, reduced workload for healthcare professionals, enhanced efficiency in administrative tasks, increased access to health information, and the potential to decrease healthcare costs.

Pepper robot is available based on capex, opex and rental business model. Prices can vary depending on the custom application development, integration with different applications, onsite support, and services. Please reach out to our sales team on who will be able to provide you the cost estimate depending on your requirement.

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