NAO Robot

NAO Robot

NAO- the humanoid robot is designed to interact with people- mainly children. NAO robots are primarily used in schools (K12 and STEM) education and research. Also, these robots are deployed for the development of “children of determination” or children with Autism needs. Since the Robot is packed with a variety of sensors it can do a variety of tasks such as walk, dance, speak, and recognize faces and objects. This is the result of a unique combination of mechanical engineering and software. NAO is also used as an assistant by companies and healthcare centers to welcome, inform and entertain visitors.

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC., a leading business Enterprise in the Dubai, UAE are the Strategic partner for Pepper and the NAO robots from Softbank Robotics Europe ltd. With the developed ecosystem of partner network, Jacky’s is responsible to distribute, market and support NAO 6 humanoid robot across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

NAO For Businesses

NAO6 is a versatile and high-performing robot to meet the expectations of teachers and researchers. They are advanced platforms for in-depth study such as human-machine interaction, cognitive computing, autonomous navigation, etc. NAO easily create empathetic links with kids, inspire and drive them for physical and intellectual exercises, develop social and emotional skills.

The AskNAO Tablet for Autism, featuring the NAO robot, is an ideal learning companion for children with autism in classrooms. Key benefits include:

  • Engaging Presence: NAO’s captivating and predictable nature creates a positive, interactive learning environment.
  • Reduced Anxiety: The robot’s neutral appearance and tireless interaction reduce anxiety and provide stability for children.
  • Versatile Interactivity: NAO offers multi-faceted interaction through touch, voice, and sight, catering to diverse learning styles.


The tablet comes with customizable educational applications inspired by proven approaches for autism. These cover skills like interpersonal communication, everyday tasks, and emotional recognition, providing a tailored solution for educators to support and educate children effectively.

The Playful Solution For Education: Asknao Tablet:

AskNAO Tablet, learning while having fun

AskNAO solution has been specially designed for children with special needs. AskNao Tablet is a software suite that includes:

  • The tablet application controls the robot very easily and launch “apptivities” on the robot.
  • Several pedagogical “apptivities” developed in connection with teachers.

The AskNAO Tablet application is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the AskNAO suite. It provides an additional medium for the NAO robot to showcase and describe content, expanding its capabilities for exercises requiring visual or non-oral responses.
You can easily control the robot using the application, managing programs, volume, movements, and speech. The tablet solution comes with “ready-to-use” educational activities, offering a turnkey solution with pre-installed content. These activities focus on:

Educational Games

This comprehensive solution allows users to start working with the robot immediately, combining fun and therapeutic elements for an enriched learning experience.

Ask Nao Blockly: Learn Programming

NAO6 is a tremendous programming tool and he has especially become a standard in education and research. Once the pupil develops the basic skills from the ASK NAO tablet, they build their robotic programming skills using the ASK NAO Blockly tools.

AskNao Blockly is a software suite includes:

  • A free online version (
  • A full offline version (school license) with extended functionalities (tablet interaction, sounds and images integration, new movements recording, QR- code use

Thanks to Blockly, the children learn programming NAO and the Tablet interface.



Thanks to Blockly, all teachers can create their own educative activities (capsules) and use them with their students.

Oral comprehension a storytelling

NAO tells a story, performs movements, and displays images associated with the words or sentences on the tablet. It is also possible to add a quiz segment to the story telling activity.

Oral comprehension a phonem recognition

The NAO robot asks: In which word do you hear the sound? NAO proposes several words and/or displays images associated to words on the tablet. The child answers by repeating the word, proposing a card or selecting the right answer on the tablet.

Human body and gymnastics

The NAO robot performs gymnastic movements or dances. Simultaneously, he gives explanations on the benefits for the human body, anatomy.


Physical Characteristics:

Processor: ATOM with Quad core


These technical features collectively contribute to Nao’s capabilities in visual perception, obstacle avoidance, dexterous manipulation, and seamless communication with external devices through various connectivity options.


Play Video
NAO Robot in School for STEM Autism and engaging students
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New curriculum for NAO Robots teaching math and literacy


NAO robot is a 6th generation humanoid robot developed by SoftBank robotics. Robot Nao has several capabilities in respect with functionalities can walk, talk, dance, yoga, and recognize the different objects as well as human faces. It’s a multi-dimensional robot which can be deployed for variety of use cases.

NAO robot usage depends on industry to industry and as per the use cases required by the user. This advanced AI robot is extensively used in the education industry for STEM, STEAM & K-12 learning. It is also used in special needs schools, medical research & AI research as well.

The robot will require a minimum of 85cm width clearance without obstacles so that it can navigate quickly to a predefined table. The operator must select the tray number (total 4 trays) and designated table number on the Robot and press the “start button” for the operation. The delivery is autonomous and multiple table deliveries are also possible. Once the robot reaches a designated table a blue colour light indicator will start flashing with voice command to collect the food from the robot tray. Once the food is collected the robot would return to the home base for the next delivery and the process will continue for other customers.

NAO robot is specialized in kids’ education and to develop the programming skills of students. There are multiple applications available that are ready to use solutions for schools, educational institutes, and academies etc.

NAO robot can understand more than 19 languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Russian. A person can initiate the conversation by voice or by NAO Application.

NAO is a humanoid robot with two legs and hands. It has 58’ inch height that makes it a favorite choice for students. It is a multi-functional robot with dozens of capabilities.

NAO robot can walk from one location to another by following the human being instructions. The movement can be triggered either by voice or by application command.

NAO robot can be connected with Choregraphe over the internet connection. The robot can be connected either by Network Cable or by WiFi connection. Once connected, it can receive the commands from the Choregraphe software directly.

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