AskNao makes NAO accessible to all children

Designed in Paris by Softbank Robotics Company, NAO is one of the most well-known humanoid robot in the world, with nearly 10,000 units distributed worldwide, used in research, technological training, point-of-sale animation, education and more. It is one of the more versatile and high-performing robots to meet the expectations of teachers and researchers. NAO easily creates empathetic link with kids, inspire and drive them for physical and intellectual exercises, develop social and emotional skills.

AskNAO Tablet, developed by ERM Robotique France, makes the robot even easier to use and program, so that everyone can benefit from NAO’s power for young pupils’ education.

Three main lines of work have been developed:

  1. Use NAO to introduce students to programming and skills development through the handling of innovative devices.
  2. Use NAO as an education assistant to transmit knowledge and skills to one or more students with autonomous mini-educational sessions. NAO is, therefore, the support of a differentiated playful and captivating teaching within the class.
  3. NAO is also an outstanding tool for specialized education, including autism treatment, as evidenced by a growing number of studies. we offer a software suite developed in collaboration with several specialized centers, with a  content designed for children with specific needs.

NAO has great qualities that are perfect for special needs education. It is captivating, predictable, neutral, tireless, and has multi-faceted interactivity. It is a technological humanoid interface that naturally attracts children. It helps create communication between the child and their environment. NAO is easy to understand, helps reduce children's anxiety, and minimizes risk of over-stimulation. It constantly encourages children and can repeat instructions, which helps build their confidence.

Whether through touch, voice, or sight, NAO offers many possibilities to interact with it.

If you want to learn how NAO can add value to your school or educational institution, drop us an email on

AskNao Makes NAO Accessible To All Children

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