Temi uses e-Nurse to enhance healthcare

Temi is one of the most versatile robots. The main driver of this product is its powerful features such as tele-calling/VOIP, navigation, built in Alexa chatbot and an open platform for custom application development with endless possibilities in not only English but also Arabic or other languages. With the availability of third parties apps, Temi can be customised even further.

One of these applications is eNurse that converts Temi into a moving health kiosk station. It can support Bluetooth vital sign devices such as blood pressure monitor, forehead/ear thermometer, blood glucose meter, finger pulse oximeter and body fat meter. eNurse helps Temi verify patients by scanning QR Code, RFID or facial recognition. With the eNurse admin web page, healthcare centres including isolation wards are able to monitor patient’s vital sign history and export CVS report for analysis.

The AirRobot application helps to monitor the air quality of the healthcare centre while its UV-C sanitizer option helps to disinfect and sanitize premises on the go.

If you want to learn more or schedule a demo, drop us an email on mailto:vms.sales@jackys.com.

Temi Uses E-Nurse To Enhance Healthcare

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